Your must-have drinks from Joffrey at EPCOT Food and Wine

Joffrey’s drinks at EPCOT Food and Wine are different every year. Here is our 2022 beverage ranking:

This year’s EPCOT Food & Wine Festival gives you plenty of options to stay caffeinated and chilled with four exclusive drinks from Coffee and tea from Joffrey. Each coffee costs $6.39 and $13.99 to make it alcoholic. These four drinks can be found at different locations in the park. Want to know where to find them and some reviews? It’s your lucky day!

The Nitro Dreams drink. Photo by Matthieu Blackard

1. Nitro Dreams

If you love a creamy, decadent drink, this is your coffee. dreams. Jthe drink is made with Joffrey’s Shakin’ Jamaican Nitro Cold Brew, Irish cream syrup, half and half, and topped with whipped cream! The creamy, velvety texture is enough to make you want to take a sip, and the taste is divine too!

For a adult version of this drink you can add Angel’s Envy Bourbon, it really is a dessert drink and works great as a nightcap to end your day of food and fun at EPCOT.

Reviews of Nitro Dreams: “New Nitro Dreams Coffee is a creamier take on an everyday favorite. It’s made with their best-selling flavored coffee, Jamaican Shakin’ Nitro Cold Brew, Irish Cream Syrup, Half and Half Cream and topped with whipped cream. As the name suggests, this is a dream coffee. You can request it dairy-free by replacing half and half with oat or almond milk and skipping the topping of whipped cream. – Matthew Blackard

  • Location: At the Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk near Mission: SPACE
  • $6.39, $13.99 with alcohol
Moka-Madness Joffreys at 2022 Food and Wine EPCOT Blackard

Decadent mocha madness. Photo by Matthieu Blackard

2. Mocha Madness

If you are a cappuccino lover, you know the difficulty of wanting hot coffee even if it’s a little too hot. Well, Joffrey’s has the perfect answer for you! An iced cappuccino mixed with chocolate syrup. This will be sure to give you that cappuccino with a little sweetness! if you are interested in an alcoholic version, it is available with Godiva Chocolate liqueur.

Mocha Madness Review: “This was my favorite of the 3 new cafes because I think the iced coffee + chocolate mocha is just the perfect flavor combination. It’s their existing frozen cappuccino, which is a Tropics Mixology cappuccino drink mix and ice cream, as well as chocolate syrup and whipped cream.It’s a great way to cool off after walking half the distance around World Showcase in the summer sun. -Matthew Blackard

  • Location: At the Joffrey’s coffee stand near the American Adventure Pavilion.
  • $6.39, $13.99 with alcohol
Castaway Cold Brew Review Joffreys at 2022 Food and Wine EPCOT Blackard

The Castaway Cold Brew. Photo by Matthieu Blackard

3. Castaway Cold Brew

Jamaican coffee is known for its rich flavor, combine that nitro and you have a smooth felon! The Castaway Cold Brew is topped with sweet cream and goes down very easily. Just be careful not to suck it in too fast! The alcoholic version of this includes Gray Goose vodka and Kahlúa liqueur.

Castaway Cold Brew Review: “This cafe is just perfect. It’s a creamy combination of Jamaican Shakin’ Nitro Cold Brew and Sweet Cream. I can’t do better than that. It’s not overly sweet, but if you prefer a sweeter coffee, you might want to ask for an extra shot of vanilla syrup. -Matthew Blackard

  • Location: At the Joffrey’s Coffee kiosk near the Disney Traders gift shop (just before the Mexico pavilion).
  • $6.39, $13.99 with alcohol
Arctic Sunrise Joffrey's drinks at EPCOT food and wine DPB

Arctic sunrise. Photo via Disney Parks Blog

4. Arctic sunrise

Need a coffee break? Go light and refreshing with the Arctic Sunrise! When you first take a sip, you’ll feel a whiff of citrus on your tongue, followed by passion fruit and coconut syrup. This frozen drink is a great pick-me-up on a hot day. If you want to get a crazy little upgrade to the adult version that comes with Bacardi tropical rum.

  • Location: Canada Pavilion, Joffrey booth
  • $6.49, $13.99 with alcohol

Quench your thirst the right way, with Joffrey’s! To find out what to eat at this year’s Food & Wine festival, check out our food stall menus.

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