When will Spiked Vita Coco drinks be launched? The debut of 2023 is a bit expected

New canned cocktails have been popping up everywhere lately, making it even easier to enjoy your favorite blend at the beach. Now, you can expect to add an alcoholic competitor to the mix that includes two unlikely pairings: coconut water and rum. Yes, Vita Coco will unveil a new rum-based cocktail on July 5 featuring Captain Morgan, and it’ll transport you to a tropical vacation with every sip. Since the drink isn’t available yet, you might be wondering: When will Spiked Vita Coco drinks be launching? Here’s what to know when it hits shelves.

If you like to enjoy cocktails without the need for shakers, the new premium range from Vita Coco and alcoholic beverage brand Diageo — Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan – features three drinks that all start with the same blend of classic Captain Morgan white rum and refreshing Vita Coco coconut water. Kicking off the collection is Piña Colada, which pays homage to the tropical OG cocktail with notes of fresh ripe pineapple, coconut and dark rum. For a fruity twist, check out Strawberry Daiquiri, which has notes of freshly picked strawberries, lime, and fruity rum. Last but not least is Lime Mojito, which has the sweet and sour additions of garden-fresh mint, lime, and a dash of syrup. All sips in the line have a 5% ABV for a boozy kick.

If you’re ready to hit the beach with some refreshing cocktails, you’ll have to wait until you can get your hands on some cans. Indeed, the collection is slated to drop in early 2023. When it launches next year, you can pick up the 12-ounce in a four-pack for around $14.99. It will be available at retailers nationwide — anywhere ready-to-drink sips and spirits are sold — so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for tropical cans when shopping in the new year. While it may seem far away, you can still experiment with coconut water and rum concoctions at home until the big launch.

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