Vegan holiday drinks for all celebrations

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After you’re done cooking, shopping, and decorating for the holidays, why not kick back with a festive drink to celebrate the season? Whether you love cocktails, mocktails, wine or beer, we’ll help you find animal-friendly, vegan holiday drinks you can sip (responsibly) all season long.

Many holiday cocktails, wines, and beers are already vegan, but some are made with ingredients like dairy, eggs, or honey, or they’re processed using fish bladders or bone marrow. This simple guide will help you find suitable options for cows, chickens, bees, fish and other intelligent animals.

Vegan cocktails for parties

Many holiday cocktails are vegan as is, and those that aren’t can easily be made with non-animal ingredients. Instead of eggstry to use aquafaba to get a frothy top on your whiskey sour. Hot toddies can easily be prepared with vegan honey, maple syrup or agave nectar instead of stolen honey the bees. And there is endless options replace cow milk and cream. Plus, there are tons of vegan eggnog brands in the grocery store shelves! Here are some vegan liqueurs and recipes we love to help you make your holiday cocktail dreams come true:

Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Try it in an espresso martini or this Gingerbread Brandy Milk Punch.

Misunderstood original oat milk

You can brown your own eggnog or try this oat milk liqueur, made with creamy oats instead of eggs.

Misunderstood Spiced Ginger Whiskey

This spicy whiskey is perfect in an old-fashioned or a cinnamon chilli toddy.

Martini candy cane

Take your favorite vegan cream and whip up this chic candy cane martini.

Irish coffee

Coconut whipped cream is delicious over an Irish coffee.

Almande Baileys

Add a splash of Baileys Almande to your morning coffee or serve it over vegan ice cream for a rich dessert.

How to find vegan wine

Most wines are vegan, but some are filtered with “fining agents” which sometimes include animal-derived substances like Gelatin from fish bladders (called isinglass), casein (derived from milk), or bone marrow. Avoid these and opt for a vegan wine instead, these use plant-derived fining agents like carbon, limestone, or bentonite clays. “Natural” and “unclarified” wines like pét-nats (short for “natural sparkling”) are usually vegan because they are not clarified at all.

Sure, vegan wines are wonderful when enjoyed on their own, but there are also some festive wine-based drinks that are delicious and crowd-pleasing. Hot wine is made with red wine infused with winter spices and served warm. sangria is similar but served cold, and it can be made with red, white, or sparkling wine. do not forget Mimosastoo!

Vegan beer, hard cider and hard kombucha

BeersHard ciders and hard kombuchas are usually vegan, but some are clarified with fish bladders or made with lactose from cow’s milk or honey. offers an easy way to check if your preferred options are animal-friendly. Plus, it has an extensive list of vegan wines and liquors.

Non-alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails

A lot of soft drink are vegan, but the same filtering issues can still be a problem. Try vegan versions of these popular mocktails:

Non-alcoholic apple cider cocktail

Hot Spiced Apple Cider

Simple Vegan Eggnog

Orange Cranberry Mimosa

Chocolate Peppermint Mocktail

The “most wonderful time of the year” can be a nightmare for animals. Be sure to keep them in mind during the holiday season while choosing animal-friendly beverages and filling your tables with vegan food. For more tips, see our vegan holiday guideand continue throughout the year by ordering a vegan starter kit:

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