These 27 Best Beauty Products From The Nordstrom Sale


It is finally here. The only party that really matters: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. For a few weeks, all is well in the world when we can shop must-have beauty products that never– and I mean that – put up for sale. Plus, you can even mark up bundles of products from your favorite brands, even more marked down. The sea at a low price? Say less. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • On June 29, the auction preview starts. This means that the products are not for sale Againbut you can add them to your wishlist when the markdowns start, so you can note the products you want before they’re sold out.
  • On July 9th, early access for the Nordstrom sale begins. If you’re a Nordstrom cardholder, you can shop earlier than everyone else.
  • On July 15, the sale officially begins. You can start shopping your little heart out, adding everything to cart and checking out before anyone can stop you.
  • July 31 is the last day of the sale. By 1st of Augustall prices will return to what they were, so be sure to start shopping early.

    Now there are a ton of great products on sale. But if you want to be careful with your purchases, consider some of them. Here, we’ve rounded up the best of the best: beauty products you’ll never find so cheap again, the must-haves you absolutely need in your routine, and the go-tos you should probably stock up on while prices are down. down . Good shopping!

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    Pillow Talk Lip Kit ($90 Value)

    If you want your lips to look completely kissable, consider this set of must-haves from Charlotte Tilbury. This set includes their best-selling Pillowtalk lip liner, a Pillowtalk matte lipstick, and a Pillowtalk gloss tinted balm that looks like lipstick and lipgloss had a baby.


    Addict Lip Set ($84 value)

    Your lips will definitely become addicted to this set. It includes Dior’s iconic Lip Glow, lip care and sheer pink gloss to unify the look. It’s perfect for people who want a glossy pout without the risk of third-degree smudging.


    Luminous Renewal Kit ($155 value)

    Every A-lister is obsessed with La Mer, but given the high price tag, few of us regular folks get a chance to try it. But Nordstrom makes it a possibility by giving us four amazing La Mer products for a fraction of the price.


    Bond Maintenance™ Kit ($126 value)

    If you’ve destroyed your hair with bleach and hot tools like me, Olaplex is like a time machine for your bad decisions. This kit includes all the essentials of the range: shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that will finally make your hair feel like it’s not made of straw.


    Eau de Parfum Discovery Box

    Looking for a brand new fragrance? Le Labo is one of the most coveted perfume brands, but choosing your new scent can be a journey. Instead of shelling out cash on a big bottle you might not even like, opt for this discovery set which contains the brand’s three best-selling scents: Santal 33, Thé Noir 29 and AnOther 13.


    Gift set of 4 candles ($152 value)

    Diptyque candles are always an excellent investment. For one, nothing says “I’m chic” like a beautifully crafted candle. On the other hand, these scents are so beautiful that you will want to put one in every room. And since this set of four is on sale, you really should.


    Jumbo BHA Set ($75 value)

    If you don’t already know this product, it’s time to find out what all young children put on their faces. And if you’re already a fan, congratulations on having perfect pores. This toner uses 2% salicylic acid to reduce oiliness, which reduces breakouts and acne.

    Sunscreen is rarely this much fun. This set comes with two iconic Supergoop sunscreens! it will make the new request exciting, instead of taxing. With a full-size, bright screen that will make you look like you’ve just put on makeup and an SPF stick that keeps you easily protected, it’s your skin’s new favorite duo.


    Complete Hair Care Set ($92 Value)

    Are you looking for perfect and voluminous hair? The ’90s blowout is back in a big way, and this set will make sure your hair stays bold. With a full-size shampoo, conditioner and volumizing spray, you’re guaranteed to have go-va-voom hair for the rest of the summer.


    1.25 inch SinglePass® Ceramic Curler

    If you’re looking for a brand new curling iron that’s smart enough not to fry your hair, look no further. This tool makes it easy to create those perfectly beachy waves you’ve always wanted but could never achieve.


    Pillow Talk Cheek Set ($80 Value)

    The glow included in this set is unparalleled. With cream blush and highlighter, you can achieve those glossy makeup looks you see everywhere on TikTok these days. It’s a two-step recipe that promises gorgeous results.


    Gimme Brow Set ($62 Value)

    Your eyebrows will be mad at you for not buying it. This set includes the brand’s best-selling brow products that can take you to the next level. The gel holds your brows in place while the pencil allows you to add believable looking brow hairs that will stay on all day.


    The Rich Cream Set ($369 value)

    Beauty editors know that when it comes to hydration, nothing compares to Crème Riche. This pack is everything I’ve ever dreamed of: the large can live in my bathroom, and the mini can live in my purse, accompanying me wherever I go.


    8 inch sensor mirror in brushed finish

    You’re getting all this new makeup, but how do you plan to apply it all? This mirror lights up when your face comes near it, so you never have to worry about accidentally leaving it on all day. It magnifies your face, making it easier to apply makeup or pluck an eyebrow or two.


    Bloom Eau de Parfum Set ($239 Value)

    Since you’re still waiting for Harry Styles to seduce you, it’s time to speed things up with a Styles-approved perfume. Not only is this box too good to throw away, it contains three (!!) sizes of the iconic Bloom fragrance. Give the smaller one to your co-worker, send the medium-sized one to your mom, and keep the larger one for yourself.


    The Concentrated Serum Duo ($610 Value)

    If you are already a fan of Serum Concentré La Mer, first of all, you are so chic, congratulations. Second, you can now get a full size, not quite mini version to stash in your handbag so you can look chic on the go. This stuff feels like magic when you put it on your face, and it also protects your skin from environmental aggressors. Do yourself a favor and get these serums while they’re still marked down.


    Beauty Butter Duo ($68 value)

    Calling all women with soft legs. What’s better than a body butter? Two, of course. This set includes two scents of the 54 Thrones Butter-Oil Balm that will give you the softest, silkiest skin of your life. You can use it on your body, but I also like to rub my cuticles a little bit for maximum softness.


    Hydrate & Renew Set ($430 Value)

    Here’s a quick fact you might not know: Dr. Barbara Sturm never goes on sale. So, if you’ve ever been curious about the skincare every celebrity uses, now is the time to try it out without paying top dollar. This set comes with their best-selling hydrating serum and anti-aging serum so you can look plump and youthful for a little longer.


    ExfoliKate® Daily Foaming Cleanser

    It’s time to get to work when it comes to washing your face. If you want a face so clean it almost looks pressure washed, take it to the next level with this iconic cleanser. It’s great for anyone with acne or uneven skin, but it’s still gentle enough that almost anyone can use it.


    Lucea Styling Iron 1 inch

    If your goal is to be stylish, a flat iron loved by hairdressers and celebrities should be on your wish list. This product is also ideal for creating loose waves, thanks to the curved edge.

    Hear me out: Olivia Wilde loves True Botanicals. Harry Styles loves Olivia Wilde. So if you’re wearing the skincare she loves, your odds with Mr. Styles go up. This set contains all the essentials for clear, glowing skin, including a serum, their moisturizer, and a vitamin C serum.


    DERMAPORE Ultrasonic Pore Extractor and Serum Infuser

    Once you master this tool, you will be completely hooked. Using a combination of vibration and, I can only guess, magic, this tool blasts all the gunk out of your pores without even leaving a mark. If you’re a chronic gatherer, like me, this buddy can save you a lot of tears, scars, and broken capillaries.


    White Pure Silk King Size Pillowcase Set ($220 Value)

    What’s the point of having a silk pillowcase, you ask? Well, they help keep you from breaking out, they prevent frizz, and they’ll make everyone who sees them think you have your life together. Isn’t that enough?


    Soleil Shimmering Body Oil Duo Set

    If you want a glow that makes you look like you’re a star on a late night talk show, these sets from Tom Ford can make that dream come true. These hydrating oils contain shimmer that doesn’t feel chunky, but leaves a shine that will make all your friends jealous.


    Mini starter kit $209 value

    Sometimes in life, you just have to accept the fact that you don’t look like Zoë Kravitz. Ha, just kidding. Cheat your cheekbones with a little help from NuFace, which sculpts your bone structure for a contoured look that only takes minutes a day to achieve.


    The Body Duo Set ($50 value)

    Replace that slightly sticky, dusty jar of body cream with this elevated set. With eucalyptus-scented body wash and fragrance-free body cream, all presented in beautifully designed packaging, it will be truly exciting for you to apply lotion, instead of a chore.


    Replica Jazz Club Set ($141 Value)

    If you want to feel like a sultry seductress pulling on a cigar in an old-fashioned bar, I’ve got the perfect set for you. With the perfume and a matching candle, you can live out your vintage fantasies thanks to these scents with notes of pepper, rum and tobacco.

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