The new grocery store would only sell wine (last drink license application)

Jump’s Delicatessan would only serve wine by the glass alongside a ‘substantial meal’

The owner of a NEW grocery store trying to persuade councilors to give him a drinks license has agreed to limit liquor sales to wine and end sales early.

Jump’s Delicatessan’s bid for a noon to 7 p.m. license drew opposition from neighbors in Richardson Road.

At a licensing panel on Monday, neighbors raised concerns that the venue could cause noise and disruption on their quiet street late into the evening.

The three of the panel Brighton and Hove city ​​councilors – Clare Moonan, Jackie O’Quinn and Dee Simson – will now decide whether to grant it or not.

Residents said they were concerned about the noise from people sitting outside the Company drink after 7:00 p.m. if Jump has been serving alcohol up to that time.

In his written objection, Richardson Road resident Chris Owens raised concerns about the noise of people walking down the road late at night after leaving Rockwater on the seafront and did not want to see the problem aggravated by charcuterie.

The Argus: Jump's Delicatessen plans to open on Richardson Road

The Argus: Jump’s Delicatessen plans to open on Richardson Road

Jump’s Delicatessen plans to open on Richardson Road

He said, “We have no objection to a coffee. We are just a very quiet residential street with a few small family businesses.

“We just want it to stay that way. We just think the idea of ​​people drinking on our street is creating new uncertainty in our neighborhood.

Committee Chairman Cllr Simson reminded the audience that Jump’s was do not apply to be a night spot.

In response to concerns about amplification music playing outside, Licensing Manager Emily Ford confirmed that it was not included in the license, just background music inside the store.

The new business of chef-owner Vanessa Forder-Hogg, 53, of Langdale Road, Hove, would only serve wine by the glass alongside a “substantial meal”.

At the Monday, May 30 hearing, Jump Designated Premises Supervisor Simon Andrew, known as Jax, who is responsible for liquor sales, confirmed that the food would include spreads, charcuterie, cheese platters and sandwiches.

Food would be available for take-out and the cafe also has a deli counter, but wine would only be served with sit-down meals.

L'Argus: Jump's Delicatessen has modified its liquor license application

L’Argus: Jump’s Delicatessen has modified its liquor license application

Jump’s Delicatessen amended its liquor license application

Mr Andrew confirmed that glasses of wine would not exceed 175ml.

He said: “The idea is that we showcase the area. We have to listen to everyone, and that’s very important to us.

“The overwhelming majority of people we spoke to were supportive.”

He confirmed that the cafe would not be open past 7 p.m. and accepted Cllr Moonan’s suggestion to end alcohol sales at 6:30 p.m.

The panel retired to issue its decision which is expected to be made public in five working days.

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