The group of drinks to choose this weekend in Irish pubs that could help your hangover

Nightclubs are back and late bars are free to keep their doors open until the early hours. Many of us look forward to enjoying more normal weekends of socializing and of course drinking.

But one thing no one is looking forward to is the aftermath of a few too many. A pounding headache, excessive thirst, tremors from low blood sugar, and nausea on top of that the day after a night on the town can be horrendous.

There are few things worse than being weak for an entire day after an evening of fun.

But is there anything you can do during the drinking phase to stop this? Turns out it does, and it’s actually quite simple.

What is a hangover?

The sweats, tremors, and headaches that come with a hangover are all caused by dehydration.

All that fine alcohol has dehydrated your body to the point of getting sick the next morning.

The severity of a hangover varies with the type of alcohol, thanks to congeners, which are byproducts of fermentation.

The pub opened on Christmas Day for a few hours for festive drinks. (stock image)

These congeners contribute to the color and taste of the drink, but they also have a huge impact on the body’s ability to break it down.

This struggle leads to classic hangover symptoms like headaches the next morning.

What to avoid and what to drink instead

If congeners cause the worst hangovers, drinks high in congeners should be avoided.

Avoid dark colored and strongly flavored drinks. Congeners give liquor its color and flavor. Try to stay away from too much red wine, whiskey and other dark drinks. Unfortunately, the more expensive the alcohol, the more it has been filtered and the fewer congeners it has to give you a headache the next morning.

Use the rule of thumb that it’s best to stick with lighter, highly filtered alcohol.

Some of your favorite drinks can easily be replaced with a lighter option to avoid a horrible hangover. Instead of red wine, opt for white. Avoid dark rum and choose white rum, etc.

You should also try to avoid carbonated and sparkling alcohols like sparkling wine, cider, or using a carbonated drink as a mixer. Bubbles are likely to speed up the rate of alcohol absorption.

Andrew Waterhouse, professor of oenology and wine chemist at the University of California, told Thrillist, “The carbon dioxide in champagne helps the alcohol to be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly.”

Limit yourself to one drink for the night. Although it may seem boring to skip the many cocktails or shots on offer, your stomach will thank you. A combination of drinks that swirl around your stomach will only lead to an unpleasant afternoon.

Even more annoying is the advice to alternate your alcoholic beverages with pints of water. But it’s the best idea to avoid a hangover – it keeps you hydrated and can prevent a headache tomorrow.

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