The best canned drinks for Christmas in warm weather include Four Pillars, Canadian Club and Whiteclaw

Australians are getting ready for the Christmas holidays and that means festive fun in the summer sun.

But as the temperature rises you might want to give beer and wine a break and there is a wide range of new canned drinks that could have you covered.

A popular Australian gin distillery that has been crowned the world’s best two years in a row has released another exciting product – canned gin.

Four Pillars, based in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, are known for their 700ml glass bottle gins with unique flavors including shiraz, Christmas pudding and olive.

But the company turned again and canned its most popular gin, blending it with a bespoke tonic.

Rare Dry Gin & Tonics are best served cold and straight out of the box and there is no need for a garnish as the orange peel flavor is already inside.

A four-pack costs around $ 28 and they’re available at Dan Murphy’s, Vintage Cellars, BWS, and Liquorland.

Along with gin and tonics, seltzer has come back to the fore – and Whiteclaw has some of the best.

The company has introduced watermelon to its range, which already includes mango, ruby ​​grapefruit and lime.

Each box is gluten free and contains only 95 calories.

A four-pack costs $ 22.

Canadian Club is another popular brand that has created a surprising summer drink that reduces sugar.

Its new CC Soda and Lime has been launched and has been described as the “summer drink that dreams are made of”.

The canned drink is simple and refreshing with Canadian Club, soda and a hint of lime.

It’s only 31 calories per 100ml and could be a surprisingly good alternative to beer on a hot afternoon.

CC Soda and Lime is available at most major liquor stores and costs $ 28 for a six pack.

For those looking beyond spritzers and prefer a rounder cocktail, Curatif can have you covered.

For those looking beyond spritzers and prefer a rounder cocktail, Curatif can have you covered. Credit: Provided

It has a wide range of canned cocktails and, although small, they are potent.

Each can is roughly the equivalent of two standard drinks and the range includes Bloody Mary, Espresso Martini, Margarita, Daquiri, Mai Tai, and Negroni.

Canned cocktails were originally taken out during the lockdown to bring the bar experience home, but remain a popular choice now that Australians have left their homes.

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