The 6 best Dyson products of 2022


How many prototypes does it take to create the perfect vacuum cleaner? The answer is 5,127, in the case of the first Dyson vacuum cleaner. Dyson products may be top of the line, but ask any Dyson customer you know and they’ll probably tell you: it’s worth it.

Super-vacuum and ultra-lightweight vacuum cleaners, incredibly easy-to-use hair dryers and powerful air purifiers are all best-in-class products created by cutting-edge engineers to Actually deliver the results they promise. We spoke with one of the experts behind Dyson’s precision products, Ollie Toogood, Senior Design Engineer, to find out more about why the Dyson brand has earned its rightful place as a household name.

“Our business is built on our desire to solve problems that others ignore,” Toogood tells PEOPLE. “We design, test and iterate every aspect of our machines, including sub-components, to ensure they operate effectively and efficiently.”

This attention to detail has obviously paid off, according to buyers and superfans who praise the brand’s hair dryers and vacuum cleaners as “life-changing”. Granted, high quality products and thoughtful engineering come at a premium, but as a former skeptic myself, I can attest that Dyson’s products are truly unlike anything else on the market.

Although we can’t promise that a Dyson vacuum cleaner will change your life, we box tell you about products that we believe are worth your investment.

Dyson Special Edition Airwrap Multi-Styler Complete Long


Gorgeous waves are minutes – no, not hours, minutes – far when you have the Dyson Airwrap in hand. This hair dryer blew my mind (literally), with two straightening brush attachments and two different curling barrel heads of varying thicknesses to create the bouncy blowout that has always only been possible in the hands of hair dryers. ‘a professional.

The Coanda drying base is powered by a Dyson V9 digital motor, which creates an ultra-powerful stream of air pressure that draws hair to each styling cylinder using less heat than traditional hair dryers. Less heat equals less damage, which is always a win in our book. The powerful blast of air also reduces drying time, and a blowout that usually takes no less than 35 minutes of strenuous arm work for me was achieved in just 15 minutes.

If you are wondering if this hair dryer is really so different from other cheaper options on the market, the answer is a resounding yes. The included attachment heads turn a hair dryer into a curler, straightener and volume builder, and if you’re someone who regularly uses multiple bulky tools to get your job done, the price of a Dyson Airwrap doesn’t seem like much. so high. .

Price at time of publication: $599

Dyson v15 Detect cordless vacuum cleaner

Dyson V15 Detect cordless vacuum cleaner


Dusty corners and stubborn pet hair are no match for this ultra high-tech premium vacuum cleaner. The Dyson V15 Detect vacuum comes with two high-tech heads: a fine, soft cleaning head that reveals microscopic dust you’d otherwise miss on hardwood floors, and a versatile digital motor bar head with anti-dust bristles. -tangle for easy vacuuming of debris and pet hair.

The super-suction V15 Detect is described as “Dyson’s most powerful and smartest cordless vacuum” – and Toogood agrees. “I’ve been a bit biased since I was involved in the development of this machine, but I think the V15 Detect is truly revolutionary in the evolution of cordless smart vacuums,” he says.

This powerful suction cup also comes with a crevice tool and mini dusting brush to leave your floors cleaner than they’ve ever been before – and the built-in LCD display that visually represents how much dirt you’ve vacuumed prove. Plus, with a 60-minute runtime, you can clean the whole house in one go.

Price at time of publication: $749.99

Dyson Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde Purifier – PH04

best air purifiers

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This air purifier is literally a breath of fresh air. With built-in air quality sensors that automatically capture and trap pollutants, the Dyson Purifier Humidify + Cool cleans, cools and humidifies the air to ideal levels. Additionally, additional formaldehyde filtration constantly captures and removes potentially harmful formaldehyde that can be emitted from wood flooring and fabrics over time.

We love that this device’s LCD screen provides visual peace of mind that your air is free of pollutants and clean enough to breathe easily (pun intended). Although this is an expensive air purifier compared to many others on the market, keep in mind that this one from Dyson too does the job of a humidifier and a fan.

Price at time of publication: $919.99

Dyson pet grooming kit

Dyson pet grooming kit


Just when you thought your Dyson vacuum couldn’t be bettered, this pet grooming accessory kit came on the scene to help you brush and clean your pet with shocking ease. The angled, smooth bristle head detangles medium to long haired dog fur. Once you’re done brushing your dog, simply lift your thumb off the top button to retract the bristles and suck all that hair and dirt into the bin. It should be noted that this accessory may be too big for small dogs, but it is a game-changer for larger breeds like Golden Retrievers or Australian Shepherds.

The pet grooming kit has been specially designed to be quieter and less alarming for your furry friend, but you can also turn the vacuum off while you’re grooming and turn it back on once the brush is full and that you have moved away from your animal. This handy dandy kit comes complete with an angled bristle brush head and extension hose for the comfortable grooming experience your pup deserves.

Price at time of publication: $69.99

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
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The Dyson V8 Absolute is a classic, reliable and slightly more affordable option within the Dyson cordless vacuum range. The super-suction V8 engine powers this vacuum to easily suck up dirt, dust and debris from hardwood floors and carpets. Customers rave about the low-profile vacuum’s ability to squeeze into hard-to-reach places that most bulky vacuums miss. Plus, the Dyson V8 Absolute is so light you can even lift it for use on shelves and ceiling fans.

This small but mighty vacuum can transform into an even smaller tool with the click of a button, leaving you with the perfectly sized device for cleaning car interiors, pet beds, or any other surface that might need a little TLC. We love how versatile this vacuum can be, and the extra heads included with purchase from make this cordless vacuum a treat to use.

Price at time of publication: $499.99

Dyson Omni-glide cordless stick vacuum



This flexible and easy to maneuver Dyson vacuum deserves an Olympic gold medal for its floor gymnastics. Designed to meander easily around hardwood floors, the Dyson Omni-glide features wheels that spin 360 degrees and a smooth neck seal that lets you tilt the vacuum’s handle directly on the floor to ultimate reach under furniture.

“I’m the terrible upstairs neighbor who vacuums every day because the Omni-Glide is so much fun to use,” shares Erin Johnson, PEOPLE’s editor. “And honestly, it’s pretty quiet, so I don’t feel this Too bad for my downstairs neighbor. This vacuum really glides over the floor, and the dual soft rollers on the head suck up pet hair, dust, and anything secretly lurking on my hardwood floors.

The Omni-Glide is smaller than your average vacuum, but that doesn’t mean any compromise on Dyson’s signature suction power. This lovely cleaner also comes with a docking station, charger and removable crevice tool to make it easier to get the spotless floors of your dreams.

Price at time of publication: $449.99

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sets Dyson vacuums apart from others on the market?

    In short, attention to detail. “Behind every Dyson machine there are years of development, often with hundreds of engineers working on multiple prototypes (5,127, in the case of Dyson’s first vacuum cleaner, DC01), and rigorous testing to ensure the longevity of our machine,” says Toogood. “This dedication to pioneering innovation is what sets Dyson and its technology apart.”

  • What is the best Dyson vacuum?

    The best vacuum for you depends on your personal needs — how big is the space you’re trying to clean? Do you prefer a cordless or upright vacuum? And while every Dyson vacuum has impressive cleaning power, the V15 Detect cordless vacuum has all the high-tech bells and whistles you could need while being lightweight and easily maneuverable. Toogood worked on the development of the V15 and told PEOPLE, “I think the V15 Detect is really revolutionary in the evolution of cordless smart vacuum cleaners.” High efficiency, battery saving performance and high-tech dust detection features are just two of the factors that make the V15 stand out from the rest.

  • How long does a Dyson vacuum last?

    To keep your Dyson vacuum cleaner in top condition, the brand recommends some tips for maintaining the battery: use the high power mode less, avoid using your vacuum cleaner in extreme temperatures and let the battery drain at least once a month. before recharging. Dyson also offers a two-year warranty on all cordless machines and parts, including the battery.

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Cai Cramer is a staff writer at PEOPLE, covering the best and hottest products in beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle. Previously, Cai worked in the digital platforms team at PEOPLE after earning a degree in journalism from Northwestern University. For this story, Cai spoke with Ollie Toogood, Senior Design Engineer at Dyson, and asked PEOPLE writers and editors for their favorite Dyson products.

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