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Having a home gym is a fantastic perk in my opinion. Many of my online fitness coaching clients work out at home and have built a nice gym setup. They can’t be bothered by the time it takes to get to a gym, the fees, or how public places can be slammed during rush hour. Additionally, during the pandemic, home gyms provided a safe and convenient place for many people to work out on their own schedule.

If you have the space, building a home gym is amazing because you don’t need a lot of money to build a decent facility. Indeed, the purchase of equipment is a one-time investment that you can spread over time. In the beginning, you should focus on purchasing the basic equipment that will give you the most results. Nothing more is just the icing on your home gym cake …

If you’re looking to build a home gym, here are my recommendations for the top five pieces of equipment you should invest in. And for how to use them, check out my This Workout Plan Will Keep You Slim While On Vacation..

I love using dumbbells. They’re versatile, you can perform lots of moves that target your entire body, and they also take up less space than a bar and rack.

I recommend buying adjustable ones, so you don’t have to spend tons of money on multiple pairs that take up a lot of space. Ativafit sells a great one that a lot of my clients have between 5 and 71.5 lbs.

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flybird weight bench
Courtesy of Flybird

Having a bench is quite important for many strength training exercises. You will have a solid base (rather than your couch or table) on which to perform several movements.

When determining which bench to choose, make sure it is a bench that can be adjusted to many different angles instead of a standard, flat, steeply inclined, vertical bench. This allows you to perform several variations of some of the more effective exercises.

AMBOR resistance bands

Groups are great because they are cheap and you can do so much exercise with them. For some movements, they are actually superior to using barbells and barbells because the tension is totally different. Not only that, but you can also use bands as additional resistance for certain exercises such as push-ups, squats, and rows.

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bluerise ab roller

One of my favorite tools for training your abs is the abdominal wheel. An ab wheel is very affordable and builds your core like no other. If you’re looking for great equipment to train your abs and build strength in, look no further than the wheel.

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ProsourceFit chin-up bar

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises you can do for your upper body. They build mass on the biceps, lats, upper back muscles, and core. Depending on your grip, pull-ups work some muscles more than others. Using a neutral grip (palms facing you) targets your forearm (brachialis) muscles, while a supine grip (palms facing you) targets your biceps.

You can mount a pull-up bar on your door frame in your house and knock them out during your workouts. It is a great option for the home.

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