The 5 Best Eyebrow Soap Products


Brow trends have come and gone over the past few years, with “soap brows” — a technique for creating full, feathery brows that stay in place all day — being the latest craze. The best brow products are glycerin-based soap bars, but you can also use certain waxes and gels to achieve a similar fluffy effect.

What to Look for in an Eyebrow Soap Product

Glycerin soap is most commonly used in the soap brow technique (hence the name of the trend). Although sensitive skin can benefit from a dermatologist-tested bar soap, some soaps contain surfactants that can strip oil from the skin – something to keep in mind if your skin is prone to dryness. If you don’t want to use soap but still want full, fluffy brows, opt for a heavy-duty brow wax. (You could also use a brow gel, although some pros object to this method.)

How to do soap eyebrows

With each soapy brow product, application is simple – simply use a spoolie to comb the product across your brows, following the natural direction your brows grow. You can apply most brow waxes and gels straight from the pan or tube with a spoolie, but with glycerin soaps you will need to moisten the bar soap with water or a hydrosol spray, then rub the spoolie on the soap to collect the product. After that, comb the spoolie across your brows to set them in place for the day.

Shop the best eyebrow soap products

Want to try the soap brow trend ASAP? Shop the best eyebrow soap products:

  1. Writer’s Choice: PaintLab Brow Sculpt Soap
  2. Best Glycerin Soap: Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar
  3. Best Waterproof Wax: iMethod Eyebrow Wax
  4. Best eyebrow gel: NYX Eyebrow Glue
  5. Best Travel-Friendly Eyebrow Soap: Makeup Revolution Soap Styler

1. Writer’s choice


  • Easy to wash.
  • Does not require water to apply.
  • Comes with a double sided spoolie brush.

The inconvenients:

  • From experience, the applicator is small and easy to lose in large makeup collections.

The PaintLab Brow SculptSoap is a staple in my morning routine because I don’t always have time to go through the process of applying the bar soap in the few minutes I have before I start my day. This tough but washable gel comes with a spoolie (which I use to brush product into the front and center of my brows) and an angled brush (which I use to direct stray hairs into place, especially around arch and the tail of my eyebrows). Clear Soap doesn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable, and it doesn’t need to be activated with water, making it a great option for almost anyone.

2. Best Glycerin Soap


  • Recommended by dermatologists.
  • Without perfume.
  • Is the most cost effective and lasts the longest.

The inconvenients:

  • To apply this product to your brows, you will need to purchase a separate spoolie and use water.

If you have time in your routine for the bar soap process, consider Neutrogena’s Facial Cleansing Bar. This glycerin soap holds brows in place for all-day wear and gives you the option of having a two-in-one brow product. and facial cleanser under $5. Plus, the soap is dermatologist-recommended and made without fragrances or harsh detergents, making it safe to use on sensitive skin. It’s also the biggest soap brow product on this list (and the cheapest), so it’ll last what can seem like a lifetime.

3. Best Waterproof Wax


  • Raincoat.
  • Does not require water to apply.

The inconvenients:

  • May be difficult to remove at the end of the day with traditional makeup remover.

This transparent eyebrow wax is ideal for achieving a soapy look while leading an active lifestyle. It adds fullness and depth to brows without any residue and won’t melt during intense activity as it is waterproof. It’s also great for people who like to add extra hold to their other brow products – if you’re using a brow pen or pencil to fill in sparse areas, finishing with this blend-resistant wax will help your brows shine. last all day.

4. Best eyebrow gel


  • Versatile and economical eyebrow gel.
  • Easy to store since the spoolie is inside the tube itself.

The inconvenients:

  • Some pros are against using brow gels for the soap brow technique.

If you love the look of puffy brows but aren’t necessarily into the soap brow technique, try NYX’s The Brow Glue. This gel feels the same weightless as a traditional brow gel, but it holds the hairs in place like a bar of soap or brow wax. Plus, since this tube comes with a spoolie attached, there’s a very small chance you’ll lose the tool in your makeup collection.

5. Best travel-friendly eyebrow soap


  • Comes in a compact size suitable for travel.
  • Profitable.
  • Does not require water to apply.

The inconvenients:

  • Doesn’t come with a spoolie, but rather a brush – this still works, but it may take some extra effort to brush product into coarse brow hairs.

For those who prefer a travel-friendly option, Makeup Revolution’s Soap Styler is worth considering. This product comes in a wax form that requires no hydrosol or water – sweep the wax onto your brows with the included brush for a vaporous, feathery finish. Plus, this compact comes with a travel mirror that’s useful for on-the-go applications and touch-ups throughout the day.

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