Terex Utilities Introduces Auger Tools for Derricks and Compact Equipment

Terex Utilities will be showcasing two new excavator derrick auger tools and a new line of compact equipment hydraulic drilling tools and accessories at The Utility Expo September 28-30 in Louisville, Ky.

“Terex Utilities partners with customers to understand their unique working conditions, designing auger tools to withstand the most extreme conditions. We continue to expand our standard offerings to evolve with customer fleet needs. For special applications, Terex Utilities is able to efficiently design and manufacture custom tools, ”said Beau Anderson, parts manager.

The Foundation High Production Auger is designed to improve drill length in a variety of soil conditions, while the Extreme Duty Auger is designed for longer wear in soil mixed with rock and boulders.

“With an extended overall length and a leakage pitch that improves material flow, the Foundation High Production Auger allows you to remove more soil from the hole at a time.” It is commonly used to pierce construction footings, ”said Dale Putman, Product Support Manager.

The Foundation heavy-duty auger has a standard 1 “propeller and optional heavy-duty 1-1 / 2” propeller with tooth angles that are located to improve penetration. It comes with a square drive pilot drill for a diameter of up to 12 “.

“Everything about the Extreme Duty Auger is stronger and stronger. It has larger teeth and a new cutting pattern to reduce auger drag, more flight, and a sturdy hex and shank design, ”Putman said. When working in rocky soil, these features reduce wear and tear and prevent the flight from bending. The hex hub is available in 2-1 / 2 “, 2-5 / 8” or 3 “sizes. The 1” flight is securely welded to the shank, extending the entire length of the shank to reduce flex. In addition, bars welded to the outside of the yoke reduce exterior wear.

In addition, the company announces the addition of a new line of compact construction equipment products including hydraulic auger drives, augers and accessories. These new auger tools are ideal for use with skid steer loaders and other compact construction equipment.

“With Terex Utilities’ expertise in worm tooling, expanding our product line to include compact worm drive and tooling provides a more comprehensive single source for utilities, contractors. and municipalities, as well as rental customers in general, ”Anderson said.

The product line includes earth or rock augers with a diameter of 4-1 / 2 “up to 36”. All tools come standard with replaceable teeth and a 2 “hex coupling. 2” or 2.5 “round coupling is optional, making these auger tools compatible with many types of compact equipment. The tools are ideal for equipment operating with a torque range of 3,500 to 5,500 and a shank length of 48 inches or less.

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