Take care of yourself with these 6 products made in Portland

Out with the old and with the new year, that is to say. The start of the year is often accompanied by the notion of starting over. However, many of us still have not recovered from the previous year (we’re talking about 2020 of course), let alone started dealing with the hearty ups and downs of 2021. Still, time is running out, so can we suggest prioritizing personal care as you prepare for 2022? Here are six new Portland-based brands to get you started on your wellness routine.

Esthete tea

Achieving a cup of tea for its healing properties is no secret: after water, it is the most consumed drink in the world. Portland may be a coffee town, but Briana Thornton resisted that trend when she started Esthète Tea in 2017 alongside her mother Maggie Cassidy, who is also an herbalist. From its beginnings in a 200 square foot kitchen to a physical location in the French Quarter food cart of Multnomah in southwest Portland, Esthète Tea has grown into a foundational community brand, offering options including from chai to herbal, anti-inflammatory blend and “Saint Basil”, which supports brain function and sleep.3530 SW, boulevard Multnomah,@esthetetea

Blithe and Bonny

Blithe and Bonny is another mother and daughter owned business. Despite having had to shut down its brick-and-mortar storefront due to COVID-19, the Happy Valley-based brand sells its products online and in stores in Portland and beyond. Their line includes vegan soap, botanical bath salts, and bedroom and laundry sprays, sourced from ingredients that are free from ethanol and phthalates. Find them at local stores like Cargo, Broadway Floral, SymbiOp Garden Shop or online. @blitheandbonny_pdx

Drink Mamey

Taking care of yourself in the form of juice is never a bad idea. Drink Mamey, a black owned juice bar on NE Killingsworth was founded by Cydnie Smith-McCarthy, who honed her passion for wellness when her father died of an undiagnosed health problem. Mamey’s drink juice choices include “Let it shine, ” with cucumber, kale, apple, lemon and spinach, and the “Twenty four carrots,with carrots, pineapple and lime.1615 NE Killingsworth St, @drinkmamey

Luminous and luminescent candle company

Whether it’s your morning ritual or a way to unwind after a long day, lighting a candle is a legitimate form of self-care that’s all too easily overlooked. Portland-based Light and Glow Candle Company makes vegan coconut cream wax candles that are free of toxins, parabens, and phthalates. Bonus: the candlesticks are reusable. Find them online or arrange for a local pickup. @ lightandglow.candleco

Plants per person

When Jing DiPiero was younger, she had direct experiences with the benefits of herbs after suffering from an illness that Western medicine made worse; she had the same experience when her grandmother fell ill. In both cases, the herbal prescriptions brought a miraculous change in the trajectory of their health. Fast forward to 2020, when DiPiero created Plants by People, herbal supplements made entirely from plants. The brand offers six different tonics, each aimed at providing a different benefit, ranging from digestive support to the immune system.@plants_by_people

Apothecary Seagrape

This Alberta Arts District space is a sanctuary designed, as their slogan says, to help you “turn personal care into a love affair.” And they do it in several ways. In addition to offering a plethora of retail items, such as bath products, oils, and crystals, Seagrape Apothecary hosts digital workshops on topics ranging from herbal care to financial healing and the divination of dreams with the tarot. 319 NE Wygant St, @seagrapeaapothecary

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