Sarasota PopStroke rooftop bar offers drinks, food, and golf course views

Rooftop bars are very popular.

I know this because whenever we write about rooftop bars, people pay attention. For example, we did an article last week on the best rooftop bars and restaurants in florida, and it was one of USA Today Network’s most popular stories in the state. We made this article because our story from last year on the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Sarasota and Manatee performed very well.

Now we have a new Sarasota rooftop bar set to premiere at PopStroke.

Like reported by my colleague Laura Finaldi, Tiger Woods’ golf, dining and entertainment concept will open to the public at noon on Thursday, April 28. Located at 195 University Town Center Drive, this is PopStroke’s first two-story development with a rooftop bar. Now, as a rooftop bar expert, I’m here to tell you that two floors isn’t exactly a staggering height.

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The next shortest rooftop bar in Sarasota, for example, is Sage, which is on the fourth floor. Then, just around the corner, you’ll find The Westin Sarasota with its Roof Bar and Eats on the 19th floor. And there are many higher up in Florida, like Sugar, which you’ll find on the 40th floor of the EAST Miami Hotel.

But none of the rooftop bars mentioned above belong to golf’s GOAT and overlook a pair of 18-hole courses. Created with synthetic turf, they feature the same undulations, fairways, bunkers and patches of rough akin to traditional golf courses. But never fear, Woods says his 18-hole putting courses “can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or skill level.”

So while other rooftop bars in the area overlook awe-inspiring bodies of water like Sarasota Bay, the Manatee River, and the Gulf of Mexico, PopStroke will offer views of people putting on. Which could be a lot of fun. Especially if they putt as badly as a non-golfer like me.

A rendering from PopStroke.

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PopStroke also has an outdoor space and playground. But I’m naturally more excited about eating and drinking. There’s an impressive menu of wings, nachos, salads, tacos, burgers, hand-cut fries, sandwiches, steaks, and seafood to accompany a slew of craft beers, wines and signature cocktails. In addition, the menu offers 24 flavors of ice cream.

All of these things will, of course, taste better when seated at PopStroke’s rooftop bar. For me, maybe after a round or two of being knocked out by my wife Kristin. Yeah, I’m looking forward to an evening of drinks, food and golf course views – in an elevated setting that shouldn’t trigger anyone’s acrophobia.

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