Rowcroft and beverage company team up to celebrate 40th


12 a.m. on January 13, 2022

Rowcroft Hospice encourages people to raise a glass for its 40th anniversary – along with a soft drink.

The hospice has partnered with Torquay-based company Sea Arch Drinks to celebrate its anniversary with a ‘dry January’ and raise funds for Rowcroft at the same time.

One in five drinkers in the UK take the Alcohol Free Month challenge and Rowcroft says Dry January should be less about giving up something than getting something back.

Giving up alcohol is said to bring many health benefits, including brighter skin, increased energy, a calmer mind, and better sleep.

Sea Arch Coastal Juniper alcohol-free alcohol is now available for purchase at Rowcroft stores across the region, with all proceeds going to patients with life-threatening illnesses.

“This special 40th anniversary alcohol-free spirit is the perfect tonic for Dry January,” said Mark Hawkins, CEO of Rowcroft.

“It offers you the chance to tease your taste buds by providing you with a delicious non-alcoholic alternative for gin lovers, while celebrating Rowcroft’s 40 years of service to the local community.” And by purchasing a bottle, you will raise crucial funds for the hospice so that we can continue our care in the future. So please support us by raising a drink at Rowcroft in January! “

Sea Arch Drinks co-founder Sarah Yates said: “For many of our customers there is a time and a place for alcohol, but increasingly there is a time and a place for them. soft drinks too. This doesn’t mean that they are less picky about what they want to drink on these occasions, which is why we make our alcohol-free spirits using many classic gin herbs including juniper, cardamom, coriander and blood orange. like kelp and samphire which are both found on the Devon coast. “

Available in small and large bottles, the non-alcoholic alcohol sells in Rowcroft stores at £ 15.95 for 25cl and £ 24.95 for 70cl. Rowcroft thanked Sea Arch Drinks for their collaboration on this partnership.

For more information on Rowcroft’s 40th anniversary celebrations, visit

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