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NEW DELHI: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTI) has written to the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) demanding the reopening of gymnasiums in the city and the lifting of the night curfew. According to sources, the DDMA could be talking about further minimizing the brakes due to the drop in Covid numbers.

CTI Chairman Brijesh Goyal and President Subhash Khandelwal said new cases were declining in Delhi. Wednesday’s report recorded 3,028 new cases and a positivity rate of 4.73%. With more than 90% of beds vacant in hospitals, the need of the hour is to give rest to other prohibited activities in Delhi.

Goyal said: “Gyms and fitness centers are expected to open as thousands of staff face unemployment. People who deal with physical fitness are also not able to exercise. If the body is healthy, then the immunity will also be good. He mentioned the lifting of the night curfew. “The owners of cinemas, restaurants and bars have to conclude quickly, because of which they face a significant financial loss,” he added.

The Delhi Gym Association has also presented its request for the reopening of gymnasiums at the next meeting of the DDMA. “Five lakh people depend on gymnasiums in Delhi. Gym owners have suffered immense financial losses during the lockdown and are in debt.

The CTI also wants the exhibition and event sectors to be opened up. “If there is purchase, the government also gets revenue,” Goyal pointed out. The CTI has also requested permission for a limited number of passengers to stand and travel on subways and buses.

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