Rain Revealed Makinde’s Cosmetic Waste Disposal Management – Group

Better Oyo Movement (BOM), a socio-political group committed to the development of the state, has ridiculed the Seyi Makinde government’s still inconsistent waste management strategy, calling it a stench of hypocrisy and a terrible attempt at bottling of an inevitable public health crisis. This strategy, the group argued, is best described as “clean on the outside, very dirty on the inside.”

In a statement issued on Sunday, September 4, 2022 in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, by its President, Dr. Femi Fakunle and its Secretary, Engr. Tunji Hammed, the group lamented Governor Makinde’s inability to keep up the pace of public waste management instituted by the Ajimobi administration for nearly 8 years, wondering why for the umpteenth time he had to stop contractors from picking up trash in neighborhoods, leading to a buildup of trash everywhere.

“A check in the neighborhoods of metropolitan Ibadan shows an avalanche of filth, which has accumulated for months due to the government stopping licensed garbage contractors from picking it up, despite the fact that these services are not free, as neighborhoods pay well for them,” the group said.

Going further, the statement claimed that, in the usual hypocrisy of the Makinde government, while large garbage trucks can be seen picking up rubbish along medians on the main roads of the city, heaps of Garbage abounds in neighborhoods, capable of posing serious threats to the health and vitality of residents, if left unchecked. This indifferent, diabolical and propagandistic approach to the public health management of the people of Oyo State by Governor Makinde, the group noted, is characteristic, predictable and in line with his approach to all matters requiring the seriousness, thoughtfulness and thoroughness, except for those on which loans may be requested, and even disbursed hastily and in a low voice.

“The current poor state of our environment, now that the heavy rains have begun, exposes the cosmetic management of waste disposal by the Makinde government and the resulting poor execution of road contracts, across the state. We urge the public to note how a section of the heavily funded Moniya-Iseyin road was washed away, ditto the Odo-Ogun section of the Oyo-Iseyin road, which unfortunately extended to the Eruwa-Ibadan road , effectively cutting off commuting from Ibadan to Iseyin, Ibadan to Eruwa and Oyo to Iseyin, at least in the last two days and counting,” BOM wondered.

Arguing that the Makinde government had consistently advertised its inability to think through policy and sometimes provide standards, BOM noted that where this was the case, nothing prevented Governor Makinde from learning from others, whether currently or in the past, who had done the same convincingly, and without too much fuss. “If it is known that an amateur can by providence find himself in positions of responsibility, nothing prevents him from consulting professionals who have distinguished themselves in such ways to do the job,” said BOM philosophically.

Calling on the government to do its job well, especially given the delicate nature of public waste and the fallout that can unfortunately lead to a pandemic, BOM advised Governor Makinde to immediately dust off the files on the strategies deployed by the former governor. , Senator Abiola Ajimobi on the same, who gave the state in general and Ibadan in particular, a clean and modest perspective if not, the group was content, he can, to save face, appeal to the former contractor used by the Ajimobi administration, because it seems that its current model is faulty, poor and incompatible with the requirements of modern waste management in the 21st century.

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