Product Launch Picks, September 2022

Adnams Sea Fog Hazy IPA

  • Category – Beer
  • ABV – 4.5%
  • Location – United Kingdom
  • Price – SRP of 22.99 GBP (25.80 USD) per pack of 12

On the occasion of its 150e anniversary, British brewer Adnams has released a hazy, unfiltered IPA brewed with a combination of British and American hops. Sea Fog departs from the Suffolk brewer’s more traditional, bitter ales and is available in 12oz cans, 10-litre kegs and kegs.

Just Drinks thinks: The ubiquity of Hazy IPA has been one of the most enduring trends of the craft beer era on both sides of the Atlantic.It’s no surprise to see more traditional breweries getting in on the action. Adnams’ offering still falls towards the safer end of the ABV spectrum at 4.5%, but that’s perhaps to be expected given the UK’s typically larger imperial pint portion measurement ( 56.8 cl) and the Suffolk Brewers typical target consumer.

As drinkers continue to seek less bitter flavor profiles from their beer (21% of global consumers now say they prefer sweet flavors in alcoholic beverages, according to GlobalData) and reduce their alcohol consumption, we expect to see more breweries are experimenting with low-alcohol drinks. IBU, session beers.

New Wine Pot Luck Pet Nat

  • Category – Wine
  • ABV – 11.5%
  • Location – United Kingdom
  • Price – SRP of 18.75 GBP (21.05 USD) per 75cl bottle

British wine brand Nouveau Wine has launched a natural sparkling made from 100% South African Pinotage grapes. Pot Luck is a naturally carbonated, vegan, low-intervention wine.

Just Drinks thinks: Traditionalists will scoff at the growing influx of low-intervention, natural and organic wines, but the segment continues to benefit from consumer demand for more “naturally” products.

Fifty-six percent of global consumers say the health and wellness qualities of a product influence their consumer choices, according to GlobalData. While alcohol can never truly be described as “healthy,” Pot Luck’s claims (sustainably grown, hand-harvested, and spontaneously fermented grapes) certainly won’t detract from its appeal to more health-conscious drinkers. welfare.

NIO Cocktails x Drink Kong Gift Set

  • Category – Spirits
  • ABV – 21.4-24.7% ABV
  • Location – UK, Italy, Germany
  • Price – 29.99 GBP (33.66 USD) per 10cl pack

Italian cocktail start-up NIO Cocktails has teamed up with mixologist Patrick Pistolesi to launch a pack of four pre-mixed cocktails. The NIO Cocktails x Drink Kong collection is made from Diageo-owned spirits brands and comes in letterbox-friendly, low-waste packaging.

Just Drinks thinks: With sustainability and the environment high on the priority list for brands and consumers alike, these innovative D2C cocktail packs tick all the right boxes (pun very intentionally).

The convenience trend that has seen RTD cocktails rise in popularity is also reflected here, although the price of the product may prove problematic if at-home consumers are looking to cut back on discretionary spending. To compensate, the brand could turn to the B2B market, where it has already had some success securing listings in restaurants, luxury hotels and specialized wine and spirits stores.

Migros Delica AG Café B “coffee ball”

  • Category – Coffee
  • ABV – N/A
  • Location – Switzerland, France
  • Price – Not immediately available

Swiss retailer Migros has rolled out a “zero waste” coffee pod solution designed to replace capsules with fully compostable balls that can be thrown away with used coffee after use. The company will roll out the CoffeeB system alongside a special coffee maker in Switzerland and France this year, followed by Germany in 2023.

Just Drinks thinks: Coffee pods are among the worst forms of human waste for the environment (according to a 2021 study by Packaging Online), and Migros Coffee B zero waste coffee balls seem – at first sight – to be a truly revolutionary innovation that, if successful, will surely be copied by many competitors of the Swiss company.

A possible downside is that the pods are only compatible with Migros’ dedicated coffee machine, which could see older machines heading to landfill en masse. If the retailer can somehow engineer the technology to work universally (or at least on their own older devices), it could spell the end of traditional aluminum coffee pods.

Sungazer Carlton & United Breweries of Asahi

  • Category – Beer
  • ABV – 4.2%
  • Location – Australia
  • Price – Not immediately available

Asahi’s Carlton & United Breweries have launched a range of beers with fruit flavors including watermelon, mango, strawberry and lime. The Sungazer line of four products is aimed at consumers looking for a sweeter flavor profile with reduced bitterness.

Just Drinks thinks: Not one for the beer purists among our readers, but an intriguing development nonetheless. The latest innovation from Asahi Down Under is a clear game to (re)capture drinkers in the RTD and Seltzer categories. While beer remains the top dog in Australia, the aforementioned categories are gaining market share, especially among younger LDA consumers, forcing brewers like Asahi to think outside the box.

CUB says its fruit beers differ from those craft beers that contain fruit, with the flavor being added at the end of the brewing process for a stronger, less beer taste. Even the branded packaging evokes that of the RTD and Seltz brands, which makes us wonder – why not just throw one in instead?

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