Preparing for Wisconsin Deer Super Season Goes Beyond Proper Gear


The rutting deer may appear bold and inquisitive.


It’s not just equipment, clothing and vehicles, but also physical and mental health, that are needed to prepare for Nov. 19, Wisconsin’s nine-day deer season.

“I was careful not to get sick or injured right before a deer hunting season while working in construction,” said Wayne Smith, a Lafayette County outdoorsman. “Get your flu shot, stay away from anyone with a cold, and get scheduled dental appointments and annual physicals before the stag opens.”

Getting sick or having a toothache in cold weather can put a damper on deer season, and some of the lower seasons open before the nine-day season.

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“Take your blood pressure,” said Doug Williams of the DW Sports Center in Portage. “Your health must be on this list of preparations. If necessary, go to a free clinic or pharmacy to have your blood pressure checked. The cold can be hard on the body. Decide what you will be happy with in terms of deer before the season opens. Maybe it’s shooting a deer for food and good healthy eating.

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Smith, who has hunted bears for 54 years, still has his original list that he consults to get everything done, ready and achievable. Deer hunting is the same.

“Even coat zippers deteriorate and might need a drop of lube or a touch of bar soap,” he said.

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Said Don Martin at Martin’s in Monroe: “Weapons should have been checked a long time ago. It’s not good to arrive 15 days before the season and expect to have a weapon repaired. I’m trying to keep up but I’m losing ground right now.

Martin has received his full order of fiery orange clothing, but the Sabot slug bullets are another matter.

“This is not the year to be picky about ammo. If it works, pick it up now and don’t waste ammo,” Williams said. “If you find what you need, pick it up now .”

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On a more positive note, squirrels and squirrel hunters are having fun.

“The walleyes bite Rapalas at dusk. One guy brought photos to prove the point. Within an hour, these three anglers had their limit, 16, 18 and 20 inches long,” Williams said.

Bass (largemouth) and walleye are fantastic and one guy walked away with $70 worth of bait, Martin said.

Blue jay

A blue jay prepares for winter by catching a pine oak acorn.


Preparation is not limited to deer hunters, but some animals continue to hide goods for the winter.

More than a dozen blue jays visited a trio of oak trees, most landing in the tree before dropping to the ground and searching for an acorn, then flying off to hide the oak nut, then returning to the bird to repeat the scenario. .

Many Wisconsin jays migrate south. I guess the ones skimming the nuts were resident blue jays. Otherwise, why would they collect a cache of food?

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This nut is just the right shape and size to be held, perhaps slid up the esophagus before pulling it back and storing it. This structure can stretch to hold a dozen corn kernels and several dozen sunflower fruits.

The preparation of the deer is just as active but above all linked to the mating season over the next few weeks.

“I don’t believe the weather has as much of an impact on the progress of running, hunting and other rutting activities of deer,” said Dan Storm, a wildlife researcher with the Department of Natural Resources. “If there had been an impact, we would have noticed something during the five years of study. Nor has there been any data to the contrary from surrounding states. It all starts with hormonal changes, called by the photoperiod.

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Weather probably has more influence on hunters, how they hunt and how long they stay in the woods, Storm said. The impact is more than the weather can push deer towards the water and the cold can push hunters inside to warm up. Other different habitats may also be used by deer, with hunters believing that deer activity is minimal, but the animals are in a different location.

Registration charts show that 41,106 deer were registered; 17,577 wore antlers. Archers and crossbowmen counted 33,843, with those carrying crossbows killing 19,865 of that total. Antlerless deer topped 19,262 against $13,581 taken by archers. The bucks are expected to outpace the antlerless deer over the next two weeks.

While the fall turkey hunt may be more of an opportunity hunt, Williams sold three bonus tags to a gentleman who prefers turkey meat to venison, in part because he eats it safe for health reasons.

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Most seasonal hunts take place during the day, with the exception of raccoons, Smith said. He hunts this fur carrier at night, which adds several other dangers and the need to wear lights and even a protective hat.

The white pines look like spring, with all the old needles fallen and blown from the trees, leaving the brightest and greenest to cling to. If the tree you buy for Christmas is just as fresh, it should be up to par too. The few yellow needles that haven’t fallen off can be removed once the tree is inside.

There are still nuts left to collect, if not for human use, for emergency food for squirrels or birds.

Hunting education is important to keep new hunters and veterans up to date

Things to know about the impact of whitetail deer season in Wisconsin

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