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If you don’t like to visit the wash center often, a portable car wash is an ideal solution for you. Without leaving your home, these machines offer optimal and efficient cleaning of your car at the convenience of your home, garage or parking lot. These portable car washes feature heavy duty motors with a high pressure water outlet. In addition, their compact size makes them very easy to use and transport. Available with different features and price ranges, these portable car washes come in handy during trips and family adventures.

Despite a compact form factor, these portable car washes offer excellent cleaning and versatility. Thanks to the many accessories supplied with these washers for optimized cleaning in various applications. These handy accessories also help you control the operation and functionality of the washer and reach and clean the most difficult areas of your car. Fortunately, there are several options available on the market if you are looking for a good washer for your car. To further help you with your purchasing decision, this list will guide you through some of the best portable car washes available online.


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Portable car washers: popular products and prices

If you are looking for the best portable car washes online, this product from Texum is a very good option to consider. This high pressure portable car wash features an 1800 watt motor and a flow rate of 10 LPM. Capable of operating on a 230v/50Hz single phase power system, and has a maximum pressure of 130 Bar. This heavy-duty induction motor washer also comes with features like a dual water intake method, adjustable spray nozzle, and advanced total shut-off system. Additionally, the high pressure water outlet of this Texum car wash comes with a pro-tip nozzle that provides superior performance and ease of use. You also get a bunch of utility accessories which include inlet hose, outlet hose, filter, adjustable pressure gun, quick connector, adapter, and more.

This combination product is a very good choice if you are looking for an efficient and easy to use portable washing machine. This JPT Super Combo comes with an F8 pressure washer, an 8 meter flexible PVC hose, a heavy foam lance with QC, a set of 5 piece nozzles, two sets of M22- 3/8 QC for hose, a gun and an extension rod. These are all the accessories you could look for with a washer for the perfect cleaning of your car. This efficient washer offers deep cleaning water pressure with a maximum pressure of 220 bar or 1800 PSI. Plus, it’s a 1-liter water tank and five different spray angles for flawless cleaning, even in hard-to-reach areas.

This washer from MR Sale is a compact, efficient and easy to use high pressure portable car wash pump. This simple yet effective washer includes a water bucket with a built-in motor pump. Compatible with a 12 V power supply, this washer consumes 80 watts and has a flow rate of 4.5 ml/min and a discharge pressure of 0.6 MPa. The nozzle’s high water pressure allows you to easily clean all areas of your car. Additionally, available as a combo pack, this washer also comes with a 6 meter flexible hose, 3 meter connection cable, spray gun, cleaning brush with handle, spare washers and manual.

This product from Zebra Premium Tools is a powerful portable washing machine that delivers deep cleaning. This battery-powered high-pressure car wash features a powerful copper motor that can deliver a maximum pressure of 350 lbs per square inch with a water flow rate of 5 liters per minute. Running on high capacity 21V batteries, this product is a lightweight and highly versatile tool that can be used in a variety of applications. You also get a charger, two lithium batteries, a garden hose and a foam dispenser with this pressure washer pack. You can easily convert this washer into a foam washer with the available foam dispenser for the best cleaning of your car.

CPEX Plastic Portable High Pressure Automatic Car Washer

This product from CPEX Plastic is a highly portable, versatile and easy to use pressure washer. It has a water bucket with integrated motor and a high pressure water gun for precise cleaning. Compatible with a 12V power outlet, this product has an input power of 80 watts and can be easily connected to the cigarette lighter socket inside your car. In addition, it can deliver a maximum pressure of 138 PSI and a maximum power of 8 liters per minute. Made of high quality ABS plastic, this washer has a filter at the bottom that allows you to remove trash and clean the filter easily. Additionally, the squirt gun handle is ergonomically designed for a firm yet comfortable grip, while the gun’s water-saving feature provides superior cleaning while saving water.

JPT Combo IDR 220 Bar 2400 Watt Heavy Duty Car Pressure Washer

This car pressure washer combo from JPT is one of the most popular portable car washers online. Combo includes 2400 watt JPT pressure washer, 8 meter braided flexible hose, heavy duty wash gun, shampoo dispenser, extension rod, connectors and fittings, and foam wash bottle JPT. This powerful washer has a maximum run time of 10 minutes with a maximum pressure output of 220 bar. It also has a maximum water delivery speed of 520 liters per hour. The washer also features a Total Shutdown System (TSS) that automatically shuts the machine off when the trigger is not pulled. For maximum efficiency and performance, it further features an ergonomic design with a pistol-style grip, which makes it easy to use and directs it exactly where you want it.

High pressure car wash pump Sulfar Lutian

With this product from Sulfar Lutian, you can’t go wrong with your portable car wash selection. This 1400 watt portable car wash pump features a powerful motor for superior performance. This compact and lightweight washer comes with an adjustable nozzle that lets you choose your desired spray and foam pattern with the push of a button for a smooth clean without worrying about replacing or losing the nozzle. It can deliver a maximum pressure of 80 bars with a maximum water flow of 390 liters per hour. The machine also has a Total Stop System design that shuts off when the trigger is not pulled to ensure optimal product life. Made of high quality ABS material, this product has good durability and also comes with a handle, a short tube, a 2 meter water inlet hose, a 6 meter water outlet hose, a self-priming filter, a foam container, a water inlet filter nut, and a plug-in connector. Plus, you don’t have to worry about storing extra accessories as it comes with built-in storage.

STARQ W3A Pressure Washer

This product from STARQ is one of the highest rated portable car washes online. This 2100 watt high pressure car wash features a copper wound motor with an enclosed body for maximum performance and protection. The product comes with a heavy duty gun, heavy duty hose, inlet hose, soap dispenser and inlet connectors. The machine also features auto shut off technology for quiet operation and a crankshaft driven brass pump with ceramic coated pistons for optimum performance and long life. For precise cleaning and operations, it also has an auto shut-off function, self-suction function, pressure gauge, water filter and fan spray wand adjustable. Plus, the ergonomic handle and on/off switch make it easy to carry and use.

Portable Car Washes: FAQs

Q. What is the best PSI for washing a car?

Answer – The best PSI recommended by experts for a safe and effective car wash is between 1200 and 1900 PSI.

Q. Will a pressure washer damage car paint?

Rep. As several experts with years of experience have concluded, pressure washers do not damage the paintwork of modern cars.

Q. How often should you wash your car?

Rep. To keep your car clean and in good condition, it is said that you should generally wash your car every two weeks.

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