New bar in Hamlet Court Road to serve estuary-inspired drinks


A STYLISH new bar is set to open in Hamlet Court Road this week as regeneration of the area continues.

The owners of Westcliff Drinks Co say they are proud to live near the estuary and their business will reflect this, with a menu including a range of flavored spirits inspired by the estuary.

He has also planned quirky nights such as ‘Canvey Islands Discs’ – where people can take away or choose vinyl records to play – and piano karaoke.

The bar, which sits on the site of the former Nu Asyia Chinese restaurant across from Ramen and Chill, officially opens to the public this Friday.

The news follows a series of new venues opening on the road, including The craftsman and Isla’s bar.

Westcliff Drinks Co is sister bar to Leigh Drinks Co, a small boutique bar in Leigh Hill.

Co-owner Damian O’Boyle, of Leigh, said: ‘Our boutique bar near The Ship has done so well that we have decided to open a bigger bar.

“The Leigh Drinks Co can probably accommodate around 20 people standing inside – so this one is a bit larger, with room for 60-70 people.

“It might be a strange time to open a new business, but we felt we had to be brave and go ahead and do it, with the opportunity having arisen to rent the space and also with the fact that it is in Hamlet Court Road and part of a real sense of regeneration going on.

“It’s a great road, with beautiful architecture. You can see the water from the top on the way down, and there are some really interesting little businesses opening up.

Damian said he and his fellow owners – Katie and Dan Fairweather – wanted to keep everything as local as possible, including working with suppliers from South Essex.

He added: “We are working with partners to create plants from the estuary to use in our drinks – flavors that are exclusive to us – like Glasswort flavour.

We name the drinks after local places such as Old Leigh Rum, Crowstone Vodka or Estuary Gin, which is inspired by the legend of Sarah Moore.

“One of our more distant ambitions, a bit fanciful at the moment, is to open a local distillery.

“We also support The Shark Trust through some of our profits and the bottle designs are inspired by the Thames Estuary. We want people to feel really welcome and special.

The bar will be opening under a temporary events license which means the bar will be able to open from Friday to Sunday. From November 28, it will be open seven days a week.

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