Nestlé and Perfect Day team up to make more dairy-free products

Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, is striving to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Despite this, the Swiss-based company is a major supplier of dairy products, using cow’s milk for creams, chocolate bars, etc. contribute negatively to the environmental objectives of the brand. This week, the food giant announced that it is partnering with food technology company Perfect Day to introduce animal-free whey into its product development. Together, the two companies plan to release a mystery product featuring sustainable whey protein made by precision fermentation.

With the help of Perfect Day, Nestlé intends to transform its product portfolio and ease its reliance on traditional dairy farming. Perfect Day uses a precision fermentation technique with microflora to create a protein functionally identical to conventional whey. In this way, the food technology company can efficiently replicate several animal products, including ice cream and milk.

“As the world’s largest food and beverage company, delivering food and beverages that are good for people and the planet is a priority,” said Heike Steiling, Head of Nestlé’s Development Center for Dairy Products. . “We are exploring emerging technologies that can lead to animal-friendly, nutritious and sustainable alternatives without compromising taste, flavor and texture.”

What is Animal-Free Whey?

Founded in 2014 by Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi, Perfect Day set out to reinvent the potential of vegan food. To maximize the taste and texture of dairy alternatives, the food-tech brand has worked to replicate dairy at the molecular level. Today, the company has secured over $700 million in investments and has expanded into several different food categories. Last April, Perfect Day reviewed an investment by award-winning environmentalist and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Perfect Day’s proprietary approach requires no animal input. Completely animal-free whey protein will provide Nestlé with a highly sustainable option when developing new food products, while also helping the company to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. The food giant launched the US R+D Accelerator to help usher in Perfect Day’s partnership, bringing the currently unknown product to market in six months.

“We are excited to pilot Nestlé’s first animal-free dairy protein products through our US R+D Accelerator,” said Joanna Yarbrough, R+D Accelerator Manager. “Although this category is still very young, we know that consumers are looking for products that have a reduced environmental footprint, and we are evaluating this avenue as a future growth opportunity for our business.”

“Innovating alongside leaders like Nestlé is a key part of how we scale Perfect Day’s impact,” said Pandya. food dip. “We can’t wait for consumers to discover how a brand with centuries of world-class experience can partner with Perfect Day to deliver for consumers and our planet.”

Last June, Perfect Day also teamed up with one of Nestlé’s chocolate competitors, Mars. The two companies unveiled the brand of lactose-free and animal-free chocolate bars, CO2COA. Perfect Day has also launched several animal-free ice creams with ice cream company N! CK and Smitten Ice Cream Shop.

Nestlé knows the future is plant-based

In recent years, Nestlé has pivoted to developing sustainable options across multiple food categories. Working with plant-based dairy products, Nestlé launched its Wunda brand last May. Initially, pea-based milk was rolled out in France, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Nestlé’s plant-based innovation extends beyond dairy to provide sustainable alternatives to meat. Last November, Nestlé invested in Sundial Foods to help the brand create vegan chicken wings so real they replicate the skin texture of traditional wings. As part of its Garden Gourmet range, Nestlé has also introduced vegan egg and plant-based shrimp options.

Nestlé is also helping to develop the plant-based food industry. Last August, the food giant announced that it was teaming up with vegan burger concept Nomoo to develop a line of vegan burger patties, plant-based chicken and dairy-free cheese. This will help Noomo enter the highly competitive fast food market as it expands nationwide.

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