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By Mary Page Bailey |

Nel Hydrogen US, a subsidiary of Nel ASA, has been awarded a contract for a containerized PEM electrolyser and lightweight hydrogen fueling station package from a major electric and gas utility in the United States.

Nel Hydrogen US has been awarded a contract for a containerized PEM electrolyser to be integrated with its H2Station 700 bar hydrogen refueling equipment package at a power generation site in the United States. The project will demonstrate several use cases for green hydrogen, including cooling turbogenerators, injecting hydrogen directly into the natural gas stream at the plant, and powering a fleet of light-duty battery-powered vehicles. fuel that will be operated by the utility. Power for the electrolyser will come from a variety of sources, including an on-site photovoltaic solar array, making it a nearly carbon-free source of hydrogen for all three use cases.

“This project represents an important opportunity to demonstrate the flexibility and multiple value streams offered by green hydrogen. We are thrilled to work with a progressive and visionary utility on this project,” said Stephen Szymanski, vice president of sales and marketing for Nel Hydrogen US.

The purchase order is worth approximately $5 million and the equipment will be delivered in late 2022 and early 2023.

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