NBR Partners with TD Marketing to Provide Equipment Solutions to Tri-State Dealers and Consultants

With the growth of takeout and delivery over the past two years and the return of restaurant customers, selecting the right kitchen equipment has become essential. New equipment improves efficiency and food safety, lowers operating costs and the bottom line, makes a statement to both your staff and guests.

To ensure operators have the proper equipment that changes in the industry have brought about, New Jersey manufacturers’ representative, TD Marketing, has partnered with NBR. Central New Jersey’s catering equipment manufacturer. NBR specializes in essential products that enable functionality while contributing to cleanliness, food preparation and overall food safety.

Sinks under the bar“The NBR product line fills so many different segments of our industry,” noted TD Marketing President Frank Doyle. “They can really help complete a kitchen and the other big part is availability. It’s a local business and they have a lot of stock and we all know that in our territories in Philadelphia, PA in the New Metro York and the New Jersey area, everyone needs things yesterday, especially during these crazy times we’re living in now.”

NBR specializes in “heavy-duty tables and sinks for all price points and premium quality requirements,” Doyle said. “Their quality is phenomenal. They bring 14 gauge 304 series stainless steel so they have a leading line for more specific type jobs where you need tougher tables and sinks and they also have an economy style that lowers the price that brings you down. to 16 gauge 304 stainless steel.

NBR also manufactures a wide range of bar equipment. “For most applications today where several different bar types are required. In today’s restaurant you might need a small bar, serving bar or even a waiter’s station to complement the kitchen and front of the house and NBR offers high quality solutions. quality for everyone,” added Doyle.

According to Doyle, NBR’s commitment runs deep to support the highest quality manufacturing. “They are also masters of customer service. “When our reseller-customers place orders with NBR, when the order is processed, their staff reviews each item on the purchase order. If they find something that they don’t have in stock at that time, they reach out to our customers and give them options of what is available that is very close to what they are looking for Nine times out of 10 that customer takes what they have because they need it and that is the best service you can offer. It’s more than just wanting to process orders and move on to the next PO. NBR is all about tracking through to installation.

With this commitment to quality and manufacturing, 2022 becomes a banner year for the TD/NBR team. TD Marketing recently partnered with NBR to complete outfitting several Sarabeth New York locations with shelving lines and bar equipment demonstrating NBR’s product line.

NBR troughs“The best testimonial we have is actually our own showroom,” Doyle said. “I just installed a brand new demo test kitchen, and it’s a great example of how important uptime is. The plumbing side of NBR’s business – their sinks, floor bowls and hand sinks are products that sometimes get overlooked, and then at the last minute the plumber says, “Hey, I need to install this”, and you struggle to find it. Again, having NBR so close, I was able to install floor pans and didn’t know the plumber didn’t provide them. So in an instant, I was able to get to NBR, pick up some floor troughs and take them back to the plumber to have them installed in a concrete floor that day. He was amazed. He couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to get these floor troughs, bring them back and have them installed.

Preparation tablesTD Marketing’s test kitchen plays a huge role as the company looks to support the dealer and professional consultant. In addition to NBR, Doyle points out that “the facility offers different types of food processors for chefs to come in and try grinding their spices and see if they’ll do exactly what they want. Or an oven they want to use to try out a specific menu item to see if it will cook the way they want in the amount of time they want. It’s just a great way for chefs to test out a piece of equipment or a small device and see if it will meet their needs before they go out.
and buy.

Mop Sink CabinetsDoyle explained that while the internet is a great educational tool, “sometimes you really need to get your hands on the gear and try it out. I think demo test kitchens never go away. They will always add value and we always invite our reseller customers and chefs to come and try anything. I think it’s essential for selling a lot of different types of high-end appliances, like speed ovens and combi ovens and food preservation, and especially with food processing.

He also indicated that as the industry revives, several pieces of equipment are regaining relevance these days. “The top siders on the hot plates are coming back. It’s all about speed these days. Everyone is fast, but you don’t have a lot of time for lunch, so they have to find ways to keep a really good product and do it as fast as possible,” Doyle concluded.

With TD Marketing’s NBR range, operators as well as the dealer and consultants who serve them can focus on maximizing the dining experience for their customers.

To learn more about NBR equipmentvisit their website.

To learn more about TD Marketingvisit their website.

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