Mixed reactions as church members are seen pushing away booze (Video)


white garment church members spark reactions from netizens as they are spotted swallowing alcoholic drinks.

Although it is not known what they were celebrating, a multitude of women dressed in their pristine white outfits were seen getting drunk.

In the viral video, the ladies could be seen passing a bottle of Hennessy while greeting each other.

Watch the video below:

See the reactions to the video:

officialbobbyfredrick_ wrote: “These give their life to Christ whom they recover after the religious service”

gungirl001 wrote: “I’m not trying to stereotype, but this particular church eh!”

stanbnx wrote: “Why do people criticize the church? I’m not a member but we should learn not to generalize things like that, there are some decent ones, some of these ladies don’t go to church to serve God but to have fun.

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