Man films himself slathering marathon runners’ drinks with rum ahead of event

Man spikes runners’ drinks with rum before marathon

Photo: Twitter

Police have identified the man who filmed himself slathering runners’ drinks with alcohol during a marathon in Mexico.

The unnamed defendant, who was allegedly intoxicated, filmed himself pouring white rum into paper cups of Gatorade that were placed on a table for marathon runners at the event.

While pouring the white rum, the man mumbled, “I’m going to pour bloody Matusalem [rum] so they can show off… Tomorrow everyone will be at their best, tomorrow, look, everyone at their best, fucking racing, it’s gonna be the best in the world. Tomorrow everyone is going to run fast like target shooting.”

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Reports say the incident happened in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City shortly before the start of the marathon in the early hours of August 28.

Predictably, the video sparked a huge backlash after going viral on Twitter and other platforms.

After the discovery of the fortified beverages by event organizers, there was a commotion about attendees ingesting the beverages unknowingly.

According to reports, the cups were removed from the stands before the viral video was revealed, according to the Mexican government.

“We have taken action on the matter to ensure that this action does not go unpunished and that this subject who attacked the athletes is punished with the full weight of the law,” the officials said in a statement.

Following the incident and the online backlash, INDEPORTE, the Mexican Sports Institute, issued an official statement to assure that the police have opened an investigation to catch the individual who spiked the drinks.

According to the general manager of INDEPORTE, the accused was quickly identified as a “highly educated person with a high socio-economic status”.

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