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Although I myself love a good cup of tea, I am not yet at a level where I can identify the underlying notes and flavors of certain brews. Maybe I haven’t been educated enough on the subject, or haven’t tried a life-changing espresso yet.

A trip to Perth, Australia in 2010 led Rameeswarran Sinniah (Ramesh) to realize his passion for a great cup of coffee, especially specialty coffees.

This was at a time when awareness and availability of specialty coffees was still low in Malaysia, he believes.

As a result, the trip materialized into an opportunity for the former electronics engineering graduate to become a wholesaler of roasted coffee beans through his marketplace, Auresso.

Arabica appreciation

It struck me as rather unconventional that Ramesh got into the specialty coffee scene starting out as a coffee supplier. I imagine most people inspired by the art of coffee would want to be a barista and run their own coffee shop.

Addressing this issue to Ramesh, he replied, “We have noticed a gap among local home users to get freshly roasted specialty coffees.”

He explained that although Malaysia produces a lot of coffee, it is mainly Robusta and Liberica species, which are widely used in traditional coffee stalls.

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“These coffees are dark roasted to accentuate the rich flavors and mouthfeel, and served sweet and creamy, as locally grown beans typically don’t have many subtle flavors,” he pointed out.

“The specialty coffee market consists almost exclusively of Arabica beans. With premium Arabica beans, it is possible to roast them more lightly to retain more of their original flavors, reflecting the natural qualities of the coffee.

As the Australian coffee scene was more mature than Malaysia’s at that time, Ramesh’s goal was to fill that gap by importing coffee from Australia to sell locally online.

Thus, Auresso started at the end of 2011 with a B2C model on an e-commerce site.

Reframing customers

In its early days, Auresso focused solely on supplying roasted coffee beans to home consumers. Sales were made on a pre-order basis and order fulfillment took place on a monthly basis.

As awareness grew, Auresso instead began to receive more and more inquiries from cafe owners interested in its supply of roasted coffee beans.

“It gave us confidence and led us to focus primarily on the B2B market ever since,” Ramesh said, adding that their current customer ratio is 80% business customers.

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Today, Ramesh describes Auresso as a specialist beverage supplier.

More than coffee beans roasted by local and international specialty coffee roasters, Auresso offers organic teas and premium drinking chocolate powders, to name a few.

The team also provides coffee bar consultations for the sale of coffee machines and commercial coffee grinders.

International shipping is available on the Auresso website. Prior to the pandemic, Ramesh reported that Auresso fulfilled customer orders in Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Dubai and the UK.

Not your average cafe

In 2017, Auresso opened a showroom in Shah Alam as a one-stop shop for its professional customers to learn, taste and purchase coffee grounds and hardware.

The showroom was part of Auresso’s expansion plans, where it included a mock-up cafe to serve as a product sampling station and provide basic training to Auresso’s wholesale customers.

“Unfortunately we had to close and relocate during the pandemic to continue,” Ramesh told Vulcan Post.

“We have since moved to Klang. Our current location is used as an office, our store and a small area for product sampling with wholesale customers. »

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Existing or potential café owners can also drop by Auresso’s office for a personalized product tasting session.

A growing homerista market

The global coffee scene has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. In Malaysia, the awareness and accessibility of good coffee, especially specialty coffee, has also increased, if not exemplified by the booming coffee culture we see today.

Homeristas are also on the rise, perhaps catalyzed by lockdowns. It has now become more accessible for enthusiasts to get their hands on brewing devices, complemented by the sharing of coffee knowledge online and offline.

This means for Auresso that there is now a larger B2C market than ten years ago when it originally started.

“In fact, we have been steadily growing our B2C market since the pandemic by launching our online stores in various markets and spending more on our digital marketing initiatives which include creating quality content and paid advertisements,” explained Ramesh.

Image credit: Aureso

Auresso hopes to attract home brewers who have at least a few basic coffee-making appliances, such as French press, drip coffee maker, Aeropress, espresso machine, pour-over coffee makers, and more.

The market also offers a free coffee grinding service for home brewers if they don’t own a coffee grinder.

For now, Ramesh’s short-term plan is to increase Auresso’s distribution volume.

In the long term, the founder also plans to open his own cafes, as if he came full circle in his initial plans to provide good specialty coffee to the Malaysian market.

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Featured Image Credit: Rameeswarran Sinniah, Founder of Aureso

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