London restaurants serving kombucha and soft drinks

With all the home-brewed non-alcoholic concoctions brewed in London restaurant kitchens, dining out without drinking doesn’t have to be a dull affair. Here are four places in London serving up creative soft drinks that won’t leave you desperate Dry Jan.

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1 The Water House project, Bethnal Green
Gabriel Waterhouse’s refined and simple dinner club serves a nine-course meal (£ 120 per person) from Wednesday to Saturday accompanied by wine or home-made non-alcoholic herbal teas. You have turmeric, elderflower or raspberry and hibiscus kombucha to try, along with a butternut spritz and Jerusalem artichoke consomme. These creative drinks are designed to accompany equally creative dishes such as the Lapsang Macaroon with Chicken Liver and Apple; kohlrabi, puy lentils, mint oil, black garlic; and Tunworth, pear and vanilla with shallot ice cream and burnt onion skins.
Address: 1 Corbridge Crescent, E2 9D

2 Paradise, Soho
Contemporary Sri Lankan restaurant Paradise offers several homemade, artisanal herbal teas to try if you crave alcohol. The restaurant offers Nuwera-Eliya style pear iced tea, as well as ginger beer and cox apple and clove coconut water that you can wash like smoked chicken and ambarella curry; country style mung bean curry and long fried eggplant and moju jaggery with. Boss chef Malin de Silva’s menu is influenced by Portuguese, Malaysian, South Indian and Dutch cuisines, as well as family recipes.
Address: 61 Rupert Street, Soho, W1D 7PW

3 Maos, Shoreditch
The minimal and intimate restaurant (can accommodate 16 guests per evening) which was awarded a Michelin star 18 months after it opened. From Wednesday to Saturday, the venue has a set menu (£ 170) which you can accompany with wine (£ 125) or a selection of soft drinks (£ 95) or a mix (£ 110). Mãos makes “live juices” using seasonal ingredients and cultures of Mexican tibicos kernels and Chinese tea mushrooms in Korean fermentation jars. The most notable drinks include a black garlic kombucha and a pickle martini.
Address: 41 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, E2 7DJ

4 Ekstedt at court, Westminster
* Currently closed. Reopening on January 18 * Housed in the Great Scotland Yard Hotel with award-winning Swede Niklas Ekstedt at the helm, this restaurant offers a selection of homemade kombuchas (£ 45 / £ 35) to pair with seven (£ 135) or three (£ 75) tasting menu of course, that Grace Dent said is “a wonderful way for non-alcoholics to feel included”. Dishes are cooked over a fire – in a hearth, in a wood-burning oven, and another in a wood-burning stove, and include inventive creations such as whitefish egg charcoal cream, charcoal leek and smoked deer; cod on fire with potato and horseradish sauce, fermented parsnip and shallot cooked on the embers.
Address: 3-5 Great Scotland Yard, WestminsterSW1A 2HN

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