Learning for Change at ICHM

ICHM’s new campus sits in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD on Currie Street and celebrates the heart of what they do best – hospitality – by offering industry-leading, warm and welcoming spaces. welcoming. Designed by Liquid Design in close collaboration with the staff of ICHM, a project managed by Trice and built by SHAPE, the campus is focused on student-centered learning.

Cutting-edge research into educational spaces has informed design decisions, resulting in 10 collaborative teaching studios, the latest educational technologies, student social centers and state-of-the-art wellness spaces for students and staff. One of the most unique spaces on the three-story campus is the dedicated training bar and wine room. A fully equipped cocktail bar, training room, and wine tasting facilities sit at the center of campus, allowing students to practice mixology, food and beverage service, and wine tasting before heading off to work in industry, the key to ICHM’s unique strength in hospitality. education.

While these features are bold and exciting, the ICHM has also considered the small touches. The campus features several biophilic design elements, like green walls and living plants. These touches create a peaceful and inspiring study space and make the campus truly inviting. Moving away from generic teaching spaces, the campus feels more like home, especially for international students living in Adelaide while studying. ICHM wanted these students to feel a sense of belonging and belonging on campus.

ICHM leads change by educating students to be equipped for the future and ready to join the workforce as high-performing talent. They believe their new campus will play an important role in giving students the skills, networks and practical experience needed to get started, thereby strengthening ICHM’s relationship with the hospitality industry in Australia and around the world.

Campus Address: 131-139 Currie Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
Telephone: (+61 8) 8228 3664
Email: [email protected]

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