Kol Juice Bar Brings All-Natural Wellness Beverages to Berkeley

With a colorful atmosphere, freshly cold-pressed juices, and an all-natural menu, Kol Juice Bar aims to bring a healthy dose of wellness to the Berkeley community.

Kol Juice Bar is located at 1926 Shattuck Ave. and will open in October, according to shop owner Kimberly Gamble.

Kol Juice Bar offers 18 types of cold-pressed juices, smoothies and sorbets, as well as a homemade crystal boba made with agar, collagen and seaweed, according to Gamble. Unlike many juices on the market, Gamble noted, all of Kol Juice Bar’s offerings are made from locally grown organic fruits and vegetables with no added sugar, ice or water.

By doing so, Kol Juice Bar is able to offer drinks that retain more nutrients and vitamins, according to Gamble.

“A lot of places that do cold-pressed juice…get the fruit or vegetable itself and mix it with water, and they strain it,” Gamble said. “But in our house, we have a machine that slowly squeezes the juices itself.”

The juice bar, which opened in July, shares space with Cousins ​​Asian Streetfood, which sells homemade rice noodles. Gamble owns both businesses and says the goal of both establishments is to bring “tasty and healthy” food to the community.

About a year after Cousins ​​Asian Streetfood opened, Gamble said she decided to add Kol Juice Bar to spread positivity and wellness. Gamble was inspired by her friends to start Kol Juice Bar after taking part in a Food Network contest show and feeling exhausted.

“When I went on the show, I was able to do the dish and stuff, but I kind of lost my confidence,” Gamble said. “I was really exhausted. I met two of my friends last year, and those two brought me a positive thought. … We put all our ideas together and opened the Kol Juice Bar.

Kol Juice Bar’s menu aims to reflect its fun and positive environment, Gamble added. Working with his friends, Gamble came up with names such as “I Cant Eloupe” for a cantaloupe juice; “I Car Rot about U” for a carrot, passion fruit, orange and ginger drink and “Son of a Peach” for a peach, kiwi and strawberry sorbet.

Kol Juice Bar also has a colorful walkway and patio with a “secret garden” that customers can enjoy, according to Gamble.

“We just want to bring a smile to everyone,” Gamble said. “We see a lot of people walk into the juice bar…it brings something good into their lives that day.”

Cindy Liu is a student life reporter. Contact them at [email protected]and follow them on Twitter at @_CindyLiu_.

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