Joe Maddon has Cubs introductory press conference at sports bar, drinks beer, buys crowd tour

Today was Joe Maddon’s official introduction to the Chicago Cubs, his first press conference as manager of the team. For the most part, this is your chance to make a great first impression by being completely professional and deadly serious. Not if you’re Joe Maddon, however.

1. Joe Maddon held his press conference at the Cubby Bear.

If you are a Cubs fan, you know the Cubby Bear. If you’re not: The entrance to Wrigley Field is at the northeast corner of Addison and Clark. The Cubby Bear is the bar on the southwest corner of Addison and Clark. In a neighborhood full of drinking establishments, this is the one most associated with the Cubs. Many found it funny:

To be fair, there was a good reason for the venue: Wrigley Field is undergoing renovations, so they couldn’t hold it back. But stay.

2. Joe Maddon had a beer during the press conference

3. Joe Maddon offered to buy everyone a beer and a shot

He first offered to buy a tour, but then made it clear that he wanted to buy everyone “a shot and a beer”, claiming it was “the Hazleton way”, referring to the little girl. city ​​in Pennsylvania where he is from.

No word on if anyone accepted it on the offer.

4. Joe Maddon dressed as a cool messy daddy

As you can see here.

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