Is drinking more than 2 glasses a week risky? Government group says yes

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Are you planning on having a drink this weekend? The latest State of Nanny Lecture, presented by the Trudeau government, says if you’ve already had two drinks this week, you should stop.

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It’s true, according to public health experts in Canadian Center on Substance Use and Addictionanything more than two alcoholic drinks a week is risky.

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You read that right, two in a week, not a day but a week, that’s risky. They actually advocate no alcohol at all, but warn you to avoid more than two drinks per week.

If this sounds like a throwback to the temperance movement that gave way to prohibition, you’re right except this time it’s all government-driven. The Canadian Center on Substance Use and Addiction may appear to be an independent organization, but it is anything but that most of its money and contribution comes from government.

Of the $12.6 million in “income” that the The CCSA reported last year, $9.35 million or 74% came directly from Health Canada. The federal government also appoints five board members, including the chair, which currently includes the deputy minister of Health Canada and the deputy minister of public safety as ex-officio members of the board.

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It is one of those quintessentially Canadian institutions that pretend to be independent, but would close within two days if government support was cut. That’s why this nanny mentality that describes anything more than two booze a week as risky is so disturbing.

Getting the government to warn people about binge drinking, the health risks of alcoholism, or even the health risks of binge drinking are all serious and valuable public policy goals. . To tell the public that they are more at risk of cancer or of dying from an accident if they consume more than two drinks of alcohol per week is ridiculous.

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Bad drinking, good heroin?

Did I mention that this same government-funded organization supports the idea of provide a “safe supply” of heroin and other opioids? It’s true, more than two glasses of wine a week and you’re a problem, but if you want heroin, the government should give it to you to make sure it’s safe.

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The report makes it clear that their goal is to change public policy “to change the culture of alcohol consumption in Canada and to curb the normalization of harmful alcohol consumption in society.” If they focused on binge drinking, binge drinking, I could support them, but they take a typical public health perspective.

Any risk is too much risk.

A group of Quebec researchers and health professionals recently released a response to the report calling on CCSA not to recognize any of the noted physical or social benefits of alcohol consumption. They also expressed concern that so many Canadians would be considered “out of the ordinary” if the two-drink-a-week measure went unchallenged.

Dan Malleck, professor of health sciences at Brock University, is one of the experts who has spoken out against this report and claims that all alcohol consumption carries increased health risks.

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“Talking about ‘increased risk’ can be misleading when there is no balance between risk and probability”, Malleck said in response to the report.

Public health has played a mythical role during the pandemic, but before COVID-19 hit, these were the people who regularly warned you that speed limits should be obeyed. reduced to 30km per hour and shop at garage sales would lead to poor health outcomes.

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To be fair to the Trudeau government, this is not yet government policy, but if he does not reject the nanny state proposals that he is funding, in which his senior bureaucrats participate, it will become government policy. On the sly, bureaucrats at the Public Health Agency of Canada will take this to the point of no return.

These are not guidelines that a Canada can or should take seriously, nor should the government, and it must say so clearly. Otherwise, silence is acquiescence, and claims that the Trudeau Liberals are the embodiment of the tenacious nanny state will ring true.

Order the Premier, what do you have?

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