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It’s Saturday, let’s just empty the mailbox

And what a start to the day it’s going to be. I have to admit I was choked up and my eyes watery on this one. I want you to listen to this 12-year-old boy’s reaction to being chosen as the recipient of Super Bowl tickets.

I’m no expert, but it took me about 10 seconds to figure out that boy is going somewhere else in life other than the Super Bowl.

• Brian writes:

Hello Joe,

I just wanted to share what I think is an awesome moment.

About 10 or 11 years ago I hosted a podcast with my best friend and we had about 4 people listening. Anyway, one week I invited a guy from Ohio to talk about his new book, which involved zombie themed haiku.

Fast forward, the guy and I are still “Facebook friends”.

Anyway, this week he posted a clip of his son, Isaac, winning Super Bowl tickets from a local Cincinnati-area ride-hailing company.

Awesome time – you can tell even dad was emotional. Imagine being 10 years old and winning two tickets for you and your dad to see YOUR Cincinnati Bengals play the Super Bowl.



Great email, Brian. Take the Bengals out of the equation and it still motivates me about the youth of this country. Well spoken boy. He respects the moment. He understands the scale and it’s right in the heyday of his youth. I remember I was 13 and my dad brought home those A’s-Reds World Series tickets. I have a lump in my throat just thinking about it.

Good for this child and all the others living a dream of life. To hell with the losers like Darren Rovell trying to shame the poor in southern Ohio to feed an evil algorithm.

Remember Friday when we talked about Big Js looking down on regular people and calling them rednecks and losers? Here is example #1 in the book of blue ticks.


That’s enough energy wasted on Rovell. We’re going to get this train back on track very quickly.

• Joey in Illinois writes:

Enjoy the moment my friend. I remember experiencing an SB 50 victory with my boys who were 13 and 9 at the time and even though I had witnessed the first 2 Bronco SB victories, the experience with the boys was quite special. Good luck, and we root you hard in IL!

Thanks again for being the outlet for us normal people.


Thanks Joey. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Today it’s time to buy the necessary items for the Cincinnati chili bar and get my soft pretzels to honor all the Germans in Cincinnati.

• Chas G. in Toluca Lake, California writes:

I just want to send a Super Bowl update from Southern Cal where I live.

In fact, it’s Lake Toluca, just minutes from Universal City and Burbank in the San Fernando Valley and about 35 minutes from SoFi Stadium, formerly Hollywood Park Race Track.
(a place I know very well not only from having made many trips to bet the ponies but also from having had racehorses which I owned from 1998 to 2003).

First the weather: it’s hot for a month of February and being a native it’s a lot of February.

Currently 86 and Super Bowl Sunday 87. Now at kickoff it should be around 80 and slowly cooling down. Where the stadium is located, the high temperature usually peaks around 2-3 p.m., then begins to cool, thanks to the jet stream bringing cool air and breezes from the Pacific Ocean (at least that’s what it was when it was a race track).

As for the game: really believe it’s going to be a tight game with your Bengals covering the spread. If we had sports betting here in Clueless California, I’d take the Bengals + the points against my Rams. Yes, I’m a Rams fan dating back to the early 1970s when, by the way, they had real uniforms (white/blue and blue/yellow) and not the current University of Oregon inspired throwbacks by Nike they wear. They’re embarrassing to watch and Ram fans hate them.

The game should be played evenly and maybe come down to a last-second basket that I give the Bengals the big advantage to hit. For those who think the Bengals are a year ahead of the game to be in the Super Bowl – get a hint. The Bengals’ playoff victories, particularly at Tennessee and KC, were like “veteran team” victories, coming back against the top two teams in the conference and preserving the W with defensive strength turnovers.

By the way, it was great to see the Bengals win at KC because it kept America from being subjected to the ‘Bobbsey Twins’ of Patrick Mahomes’ fiancée and his male asshole brother (look up the definition and tell me if that doesn’t describe his brother to a tee?).

But also to win it in overtime like they did playing defense in the first series (getting a turnover was a bonus) and silencing the media and everyone about the unfairness of the rules of lot. Just play defense!

In the end, just feel like your Bengals are going to beat my Rams as the players go against each other close enough, but it will come down to the call of the game and that’s where the Rams lose it thanks to “Boy Genius” Sean McVay! I’ve seen enough of his coaching decisions and played around saying half the losses under him were his. Watch this game against the 49ers and you’ll see how lucky the Rams were to win. Or just watch him train in the Super Bowl with Coach Bill and the Pats. McVay is the most publicized coach in the game today.

Final score: Bengals 30 Rams 26

Enjoy the game. Good luck on Sunday. And keep up the great work on Outkick, read your main column every day because it just helps deal with what we all face on a daily basis, from COVID to awakening to democrat dictatorship to bias, lying mainstream media (what a way back to when I was in college I worked in – sports associate of KTLA Channel 5 on News at Ten 1981-1985).


I like where Chas’ head is with a last second basket. I pray to the football gods that Money McPherson has a shot at making history.

• Bill H. wants everyone to see the title of the week. It’s really a good one.

• Adam W. writes:

Love your screenshots, stripes, bbq, random wx girls…. And #3, thank you.

I watch the Weather Channel more religiously than a 68-year-old retired farmer from North Dakota. The goat 🐐 of the Weather Channel. My vote. Jen Carfagno. Will attach photo.

Airport Stripes yesterday from SMF.

Thank you for your excellent work,


I haven’t had a chance to email Adam to find out if SMF is a reference to Sacramento International Airport, but let’s get to it. It’s Saturday, damn it.

You’re welcome, Adam. I’ve lost track of the number of consecutive days of screenshots posted since I took the days off step until the Super Bowl was declared, but here we are moving forward. It’s not even a real job, Adam. This is Fantasyland and it’s going to take a young man to pull it out of my cold, dead hands.

• Mike from Kentucky writes:

Hi Joe. While exploring some of the oldest photos on my phone, I came across this gem from about 5 years ago. Enjoy.

• LSU fan Joe M. writes:

I can’t believe no one seems to remember this, but [Friday’s] column reminded me of it. (Start at 0:28 for the start of the ad.) “They took Joe’s name…and made it…JOE.”

• Jared M in Connecticut writes:

Hello (I don’t know which title you chose and I don’t always have time to read all the articles – sorry), unfortunately being a father means that your children tend to compete against “your” teams. I never forced them to be fans of my teams. But I influenced them to NOT be fans of 2 particular teams – Yankees & Patriots.

No question that I authorize that under my roof! And I’m a product of Sweetness & The Fridge. I never imposed the Bears on them. Who would dare to do that?! But, thankfully, their dislike for the Patriots & Yankees is there. Am I wrong to plant this seed? And make sure to water it? Anyway, the kids’ school always has a football day before the Super Bowl. Needless to say, the Bears haven’t been there since they were born. However, the last time they had me make shirts was for Nick Foles. Coincidence?… Keep up the good work


Jared, I hope your kids go 2-0 with their jersey predictions. Hopefully on Monday morning I wake up and all those people who worked on creating Bengals content will be rewarded.

As for the job title, I’m waiting until after the Super Bowl to make the big job title transition for maximum effect. I don’t want a decision like that to get lost in the mess.

• And finally this morning, I’m going to celebrate my birthday with a day of buying supplies for the Super Bowl. I never imagined that my first anniversary of the new NFL Super Bowl era would feature MY Bengals, but here we are. I don’t know what the NFL football gods are trying to tell me, but I’ll just walk around. A birthday on Saturday and MY Bengals playing Super Bowl Sunday. What a year it has been. I will never forget him.

Have a good Saturday.

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