‘If there was anything illegal in the drinks, chances are he would test positive’


Patrick McEnroe came out in Novak Djokovicdefense of in light of the recent mystery drink controversy involving the Serbian’s coach and other squad members. The former USA player suggested it would be impossible for an illegal substance in the Serb’s drinks to go undetected with the high level of testing protocols in place on the professional tennis circuit.

A video, where Djokovic’s coach, Ulises Badio, and other members of the squad were seen quite secretive while preparing a drink for the Serb before passing it to him halfway through his semi-final of the Paris Masters against Stefanos Tsitsipaswent viral on social media and caught the attention of many.

Patrick McEnroe opened up about the subject on a recent episode of the Dress Court with Patrick McEnroe podcast, dismissing the issue. McEnroe further pointed out that the recent Simona Halep doping scandal proves that players cannot get away with consuming illegal substances.

“As we discovered recently with Simona Halep’s positive test, these players are being tested all the time,” said Patrick McEnroe. “So if there was anything illegal about the drinks they were mixing, which they do to them all the time during games, chances are he would test positive.”

Leading tennis writer and author Pete Bodo joined McEnroe on the podcast episode and also jokingly responded to the subject. According to Bodo, Djokovic will soon launch a branded sports drink that includes the same ingredients as his “mystery drink”, ending all speculation.

“I see a Novak Djokovic-branded magic tennis elixir coming out, with ingredients as closely and secretly guarded as the Coca-Cola formula,” Bodo said.

“A really ridiculous notion” – John Millman on Novak Djokovic’s secret drink controversy

Rolex Paris Masters - Seventh day
Rolex Paris Masters – Seventh day

John Millman recently reacted to the controversy involving Novak Djokovic and his team, calling any speculation a “ridiculous notion” and saying the topic has received too much attention. Like McEnroe, the Australian player has also suggested that it would be impossible for the Serbian team to mix up anything suspicious in a crowded stadium with cameras constantly trained on them.

“Too much attention on a team member mixing sports drinks… really ridiculous idea that something is going on, full stadium, cameras everywhere, mixed drinks in players box… I mean use a little logic here, maybe just maybe they don’t ‘I don’t want to give anyone the edge,’ Johm Millman wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Serbian great is now focused on the ATP Finals starting this Sunday, where he was drawn in the same group as Daniil Medvedev, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Andrey Rublev. He begins his campaign on Monday evening against Tsitsipas.

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