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Between September and November 5, England and Wales recorded 274 cases of assault with needles, according to the National Council of Chiefs of Police. And Home Office figures show police were aware of 250 incidents of drinking in the same period. The reports involved both men and women, but the majority of the alleged victims were women. Police in England and Wales recorded 839 sexually motivated doping offenses between 2016 and 2021. Only 19 resulted in charges and only eight forces did.

The consumption of beverages has been reported in licensed premises and private parties. The “epidemic” sparked boycotts of nightclubs in Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Bournemouth.

Alcohol Education Trust CEO Helena Conibear said her survey found that one in eight young women and one in 12 young men had been victims of doping. She said: “Although women are at the fore, it affects everyone. It’s an epidemic. More can be done, from training staff in nightclubs to talking to people who can be. disoriented, including having sets of crampons behind the bar, to have good video surveillance. “

She continued: “We found very few people who had spiked drinks reported it. Either they didn’t think they would be believed or if it was a man there was a problem. embarrassment. ” Doping test kits are currently being deployed to Bristol Police as part of a trial.

The Home Office said the measures “would allow officers to test drinks on the spot, preventing assaults and helping them obtain early evidence for investigations.” Perpetrators of alcohol abuse can be jailed for up to four years.

The Home Office said: “This information is extremely disturbing. We are in close contact with the police on this matter and urge anyone with information on these incidents to contact their local force.”

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