Fury over Spanish bar charging customers every time waiter brings drinks to table

A bar in Spain has sparked outrage after charging customers for each waiter’s visit to their table – and even charging them for the use of cutlery.

The Imperial Bar in Zamora, Spain added the extras to Blas Galey Hermoso’s bill without his knowledge when he dined there last year, The sun reports.

Mr Hermoso said that after he finished his meal, he was not only charged an additional €0.20 (A$0.30) each time the waiter came to his table, but also an additional €1 (1.50 $ A) for the use of cutlery.

Since the incident, the restaurant has claimed the surcharge was for each drink served rather than each time the waiter came to the table.

The bewildered client posted about the accusations on Twitter, which quickly went viral as others shared similar experiences. He posted at the time: “Something strange happened to us a few days ago in Benavente.

“Every time the waiter came to the table on the terrace to bring something: the beer, the tapa… he charged us 20 cents.

“The straw that broke the camel’s back was the euro he charged us [bring] cutlery to cut a toast we ordered.”

While many Twitter users were on his side, others said they thought the supplement wasn’t ridiculous.

In response, the bar said it was common for venues to charge extra for service outside the bar, adding that the €0.20 (A0.30) charge was for each drink served, have reported the Spanish news.

It comes as sun-loving tourists to Mallorca were previously warned they face higher bills at restaurants and pubs due to soaring overheads for landlords.

This article originally appeared on The sun and has been republished with permission

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