Ex-Barista Reveals How She Would Play With Rude Customers’ Drinks For Revenge

If a customer came back to complain about their drink, Windmill said she would usually bluff and tell them they had taken the wrong order – which, again, is much easier to take out at a take-out restaurant rather than ‘A coffee.

Finally, Windmill said that if a cheeky customer ordered a panini, she would make sure to cross the line slightly between grilled and burnt — to make her dining experience a little less enjoyable.

The video has since gone viral with over half a million views, prompting many current and former servers to share their own advice on how to get a less-than-friendly customer back.

“Using whole milk instead of skimmed milk was my favorite,” one revealed, while a second added, “The change thing is so good, it’s a liquidation.”

A third wrote: “Press the straw before putting it in the drink.”

“I feel like I under-toasted [the panini] so it looks normal, but then you bite into it and the inside is still cold to fridge temperature,” admitted a fourth.

And a fifth added: ‘When I was working in a bar and someone was being rude I would always underpour their alcohol.

Another warned any baristas hoping to pull a leaf from Windmill’s book to be careful when it comes to potential allergies, but noted that they “applaud pettiness”.

Take-out? Let’s take a minute to remember that waiters are generally underpaid, understaffed, and doing their best – and as always, treat people the way you’d like to be treated. The world isn’t going to end if your Americano with a splash of cold coconut milk is slightly too cold, or your flat white looks a bit more like a latte. Let’s all relax and smell the coffee beans (preferably Arabica).

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