Equipment list for CrossFit Open 2022 released


The first of three workouts for the 2022 Open CrossFit will be released on February 24, 2022. As athletes around the world prepare their fitness to compete for a place in the top 10 percent of all athletes in their respective divisions to win entry to the quarter-finals, CrossFit HQ has released information on all the equipment required for the Open.

CrossFit Open 2022 Equipment List

Here are all the tools you’ll need to compete in the 2022 Open, according to CrossFit.




  • 35 pound dumbbell / 20 pound dumbbell
  • 14-15 years old, 55+ — 20 pound dumbbell / 10 pound dumbbell

Age Group Divisions

  • 14-15 years old, 55+ — 35 pound dumbbell / 20 pound dumbbell
  • 16-17 years old, 35-54 years old — 50 pound dumbbell / 35 pound dumbbell

Adaptive Divisions


RX’d, scaled, age group and adaptive

Bumper plates

RX’d, scaled, age group and adaptive


Adaptive Divisions

Plyo box

RX’d, scaled, age group and adaptive

  • 24 inch and 20 inch box (at least 15×15 inch top surface)

wall space

RX’d, scaled, age group and adaptive

Jumping rope

RX’d, scaled, age group and adaptive


RX’d, scaled, age group and adaptive

*Note: The Downloadable Equipment Checklist for Adapted Athletes does not contain any further details regarding barbell weights.

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expect the unexpected

The equipment list calling for only one dumbbell in each division might suggest that moves like barbell snatches or weighted raises are built into the lineup. However, when preparing for the Open, the best course of action is probably to expect the unexpected.

Ahead of its release, former CrossFit Sport general manager Dave Castro teased two unnamed new elements – never before seen at The Open – that will debut in 2022. In 2021, Castro’s lineup introduced the wall walk, who went on to play a huge role in Event Four at the 2021 CrossFit Games.

CrossFit’s new chief athletic officer, Justin Bergh, hasn’t commented on whether or not these unnamed new items mentioned by Castro remain on the Open schedule. If Castro’s Open lineup is still intact, the 2022 Open workouts will likely be quite unique.

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