Denovo Legal Case Management Software announced as Scottish Legal Awards finalist

Denovo Business Intelligence has been announced as a finalist for the Scottish Legal Awards. The event aims to recognize excellence in Scottish law.

The independent competition is judged by a panel of experts drawn from across the sector, bringing together industry experience and market knowledge to recognize the greatest achievements of the legal sector from across Scotland.

The top performing individuals, teams, firms and legal service providers in the Scottish legal profession will be unveiled at the National Scottish Law Awards ceremony in Glasgow on Thursday 22 September 2022.

It was announced that Denovo we will be present as finalists in the Legal Technology Award category.

Grant Yuill, Chief Marketing Officer of Denovo, explains Denovo’s journey in building one of the best legal case management platforms in the country.

The journey to get here

Over the past few years, we have developed case management software which is now considered the operating system for law firms across Scotland. Our efforts mean that we have embedded our technology into the DNA of practices in a way that has even lawyers sighing.

We have been developing market-leading legal software to help the Scottish legal industry for over 30 years, but case load took technology to another level.

Our journey to build it case management software platform has been largely led by lawyers, meaning we work with lawyers to design and develop software solutions and services for law firms in Scotland. We now have a dynamic, fully customizable and constantly evolving software platform.

We are proud to say that the time spent with lawyers and their support teams seems to be paying off, as we are now the software of choice for hundreds of Scottish law firms, trusted partners of the Law Society of Scotland and finalists of the most prestigious Legal Awards in the country.


When we started working on case load, we started with one goal: to work with law firms to remove the repetitive administrative tasks associated with legal work. The goal was to give lawyers more time to spend with their clients, to manage their cases, to have a more productive work day and to recover some of their personal time. With this in mind, we have decided to take a consultative approach with our law firm partners. We listened to their challenges and issues and spent time analyzing how they work. By doing this and taking our time to understand how every facet of a law firm works, we have brought to market a software suite that has enhanced the capabilities of a law firm and brought all areas together data capture in one place.

Since 2019, we have been working collaboratively with all of our partners by combining law firm operations and technology to create solutions to the new, but very real challenges that practitioners now face in their daily professional lives. We focused on areas where efficiencies could be found across different types of work. Our team of experts have continually provided the Scottish legal community with advice, tips and tricks to automate processes. We worked around the clock, literally spending every hour we had with law firms to ensure they could run their businesses better and practice law in the most efficient way possible.

The collaborative work we have put in place has led to the current Law Firm of the Year, Jones Why, offering overwhelmingly positive feedback. With Ian McNaull, Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, saying; “It’s fair to say that tremendous effort, skill and insight from the Denovo team has gone into customizing CaseLoad for our firm. This collaboration has had a direct and positive impact on the strength and success by Jones Whyte.


Fast forward to 2022 and we are spending more time than ever working with our partner law firms to shape their success and improve business operations. We have spent the first half of this year reaching out to our existing law firm partners to create strategic plans to maximize how they can fully integrate our software into their businesses. We were able to visit firms on site at their office and in court to really understand how they operate. This allowed us to customize our platform for each individual user.

2022 is about working with our law firm partners to enable them to shape the future of software around their needs. As I write these lines, we are piloting new workflows that have been built in partnership with our law firm clients. Many describe them as “game changers”.

We are also developing roadmaps for working in conjunction with organizations such as the Law Society of Scotland, Scottish Bar Associations and hey legal, not to mention other software vendors and our integration partners. Together, we are creating innovative content and developing a dynamic software platform, woven into the fabric of law firm operations, that will help lawyers better run their businesses using technology.


These two years have been difficult, but we are convinced that we have helped the industry through this ordeal. We have worked extremely hard with our partner law firms to navigate through one of the most disruptive times our businesses will face, not to mention the personal pressure that so many have felt since the pandemic began. Our ambition is to continue to use technology to benefit the Scottish legal community.

We are sincerely grateful and honored that the Scottish Legal Awards recognized the hard work of our team and our customers. We have never asked for thanks or recognition for the work we do. This is mainly because our sole purpose is to help law firms and that is what we do. However, I know that being involved in an event like this will mean a lot to the team. That they know that the Scottish legal community, the Scottish Legal Awards and our clients shine a light on all the hours of hard work they have put into keeping the firms operating at the highest possible level makes us all extremely proud.

Thank you to our partner law firms across Scotland for your continued support.

If you would like to tell us about the introduction case load in your legal practice, you can call us on 0141 331 5290 or if you prefer to write to us, our email is [email protected]

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