Delta hemp products raise concern over accidental poisonings in children

The number of poison control calls regarding marijuana edibles is already higher this year than all of last year. Nearly 500 panic calls have been made and many are of children aged 5 and under who have consumed an edible food, and a guardian is concerned.

Most people have heard of marijuana edibles, which are illegal in Florida without a medical marijuana card, but there is another drug that is perfectly legal, and even sold in convenience stores, that has similar psychoactive effects.

We’re talking about Delta 8, 9, and 10. The law says you have to be at least 18 to buy them, but they’re not hard to find. We bought some from a local smokehouse. They also sell them in convenience stores and CBD stores.

Delta products are sold as lollipops, lozenges, gummies, oils, or even an actual joint. (WJXT)

But the CDC and FDA say Delta products are potentially dangerous drugs that have led to thousands of accidental poisonings.

We dug deeper into the warning to understand what you need to know about a drug that is being called the next big thing in cannabis.

People can buy Delta products in candy form. They are sold as lollipops, lozenges, gummies, oils, or even a real joint. Florida state law says you must be 18 to buy Delta products, but at Roots CBD in Jacksonville Beach, they require customers to be at least 21 years old.

Manager Kim Caramela-Lindemann says they are checking ID.

“We’re helping to further protect the younger generation, who at 18 might walk into a convenience store and get Delta 8 and not really know how it’s going to affect them, or how it’s going to interact with their bodies,” Caramela-Lindeman says. .

Delta products are often referred to as “weed-lite”. In thousands of posts on Reddit, people discuss the intoxicating effects on mind and body. The FDA recently warned that it is aware of these reports of consumers getting high and is concerned.

He can’t do much about it because of a loophole in the Farm Bill.

“That’s how the bill was drafted. But fundamentally, it’s the distinction between marijuana versus the hemp plant, and how much THC it contains in its dry form when initially weighed out,” says Caramela-Lindemann.

The law says you must be at least 18 to buy Delta products, but they’re not hard to find. (WJXT)

Delta 8 products are derived from hemp plants. The starting weight that Caramela-Lindemann talks about should be less than 0.3% THC. THC is the compound in marijuana that gets you high.

How much people consume of the finished product is up to them. If you are 18, it is your choice. The problem is that poison control receives calls about children under 6 consuming Delta edibles.

Dr. Dawn Sollee of Poison Control said that due to the easier access, the appearance of the products – and even the taste – they may seem harmless, but you cannot underestimate the toxicity that these products can have on a small child.

“Their heart rate may increase, their blood pressure may be high, they may be restless, they may act abnormally. And so, therefore, it’s not uncommon, especially when a little kid gets into it, that they end up in a healthcare facility,” Sollee said.

At Touchdown Smoke Shop in San Marco, they have all kinds of Delta products. A bag of gummies can hold 10 servings. It’s a small candy per serving, but if they get into the wrong hands, a child might be tempted to eat an entire bag.

People can buy Delta products in candy form. (WJXT)

“One serving could be 1/8 of that chocolate bar. I don’t know about you, not even me, I’m not going to eat 1/8 of a chocolate bar. And I’m pretty sure a small child won’t if exposed to it,” Sollee said.

Roots CBD’s Caramela-Lindemann believes in the medicinal benefits of Delta products and that adults should have the choice to use them, responsibly and never putting a child at risk.

“It’s like any other medicine you would have at home. Just because it might look like a candy that you could also buy, you have to be even more careful about where you store it and keep it in a safe place so that children don’t have access to it. said Caramela. -Lindemann.

For more information on Delta products and why you should be extra vigilant if they are in your home, see the FDA and CDC pages.

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