Children of a St Neots receive new play equipment

6:23 PM December 14, 2021

6:35 PM December 14, 2021

Offord Primary School in St Neots purchased new play equipment with the proceeds of a whole school fundraising campaign.

The children of Offord Primary School and Principal Kate Ruddock who ran a full marathon with her training partner Claire Few, organized a marathon relay in the summer to help fund outdoor climbing equipment , but also pledged to donate a quarter of the funds to a local charity that helps seniors.

Offord primary school received new play equipment
– Credit: Offord Primary School

They were delighted that Jane Thomas of the Love to Move charity Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, which benefited from the marathon, officially opened the new equipment and received a check for £ 1,754.

Primary school children chose a new climbing tower, which includes a slide, monkey bars, climbing wall and platform for socializing as well as a frame of ‘collecting sticks’, ideal for climbing and balancing.

Love to Move offers seated exercise classes for seniors with dementia and hopes to use the money raised to set up a new class in Offord.

Mrs Ruddock said: “I am so proud that the children wanted to help others in the village, and they were so happy to hear about Jane’s plans for the older residents of the village.”

Oxford Primary School Children

Oxford Primary School Children
– Credit: Hunts Post

“They love the new playground equipment.

“Watching them play together and support each other as they climb and balance each other on the logs, using their imaginations and developing their social skills is wonderful to watch.

“The new equipment is a great addition to the school’s outdoor spaces.

In total, Offord raised over £ 20,000 with the help of donations, a grant from local businesses and other fundraising activities including a mid-October running challenge , an old-fashioned “Bob a Job” and seasonal raffles.

Offord Primary School is committed to making learning enjoyable and encouraging curious minds, creating enthusiastic and independent learners, developing the whole child, honoring the diversity of each individual and encouraging active participation of all members of the school community.

They encourage every student to aim high, have fun and give the best of themselves.

Offord Primary School is also a member of the Cam Academy Trust.

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