Carlisle’s Eco Tree is a “one stop shop” for sustainable products

Eco Tree owner Edmond Pendrous, whose Carlisle store sells everything from soaps to degradable toothbrushes to chemical-free shampoos, said: “We’ve been open for about six years now, and it’s almost happened accidentally.

“I saw an ad for bamboo toothbrushes and bought a few, and sold a few left over on Ebay and they sold like hot cakes.

“It made me realize how many people really want to do their best to help the planet.”

Since then, Mr. Pendrous decided to open his own market stall full of eco-friendly trinkets and was surprised at how well it all turned out.

He said: “It was a risk, but it paid off. After a few years of having our market stall, we now have our own eco-friendly store within The Lanes shopping centre, which we couldn’t be happier.”

Although the store focuses on products such as pod travel mugs, natural toothpaste, reusable straws and even reusable sanitary products, it offers a new line of scented eco-friendly soaps such as vanilla, melon, violet and navy, and soon branches out. towards the vegan side of things, like vegan candies and oat milk.

Mr Pendrous said: “There are limited resources in the world. This can’t go on forever, a lot of plastic going to landfill is horrible for the planet.

“I feel like now, I hope people are aware that we need to take better care of our planet.”

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