Burglar breaks into Liverpool bar, drinks alcohol and passes out

A man who broke into a bar with the intention of robbing it ended up using large amounts of alcohol, which led to him passing out drunk.

Lee Roach, 46, broke into Harrison’s Bar in Liverpool where he spilled various spirits and fell asleep behind the bar where he stayed until a cleaner arrived the next day.

The cleaner called the police who arrived at the scene to wake Roach up before being quickly arrested, the Liverpool Echo reports.

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A search of the potential burglar revealed $ 10,000 in toy money stuffed into his pants and he had hidden bottles of alcohol in his backpack. He also had a package he had stolen from a building, which contained a new wallet.

In what is surely one of the biggest euphemisms of the year, Liverpool Crown Court has heard that “it is not the most sophisticated heist”.

Prosecutor Mike Stephenson said court staff entered the bar at 9:20 am on August 16 to find Roach “lying among the debris” behind the bar after smashing a window to enter.

He also damaged a beverage refrigerator, which was found overturned.

Stephenson said: “The cleaning lady who met him has stepped back and closed the shutters.”

He went on to say that the cleaner entering the property had made no difference to Roach who was “dead to the world”.

Credit: Liverpool Echo
Credit: Liverpool Echo

Roach, who admitted to the burglary and theft, has 90 previous convictions for 161 offenses including 86 theft offenses and 20 burglaries.

He was on probation at the time of the break-in, which he admits to having violated by his actions.

Defending Matthew O’Neill said his client was making “great progress” with a drug rehabilitation order and pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

Recorder David Knifton, QC, said: “Mr. Roach, I read the report, I read your offense story and it’s a pretty sad story of a man who is addicted to drug for years.

“You have done well and have successfully completed the drug rehabilitation requirement provided to you.

“Unfortunately, you then turned to drink instead and ended up being found in the bar of a licensed establishment so drunk they must have woken you up.”

Roach was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

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