4 drinks we loved this week, from Dr. Fern’s and more

Best Sips is a look back at the most amazing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks we’ve had in the past week. Those who have renewed our love for established places; caught our eye during a new opening, or freshly impressed us with the creativity and skill of Hong Kong’s talented bartenders and mixologists. From drinks at charming dive bars to award-winning aperitifs at five-star establishments, these are the best drinks to try in Hong Kong; the drinks for which we recommend that you take a special trip.

The best drinks we sipped and savored this week:

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlor

The beverage: Tropical Antidote (HK$140)

Gin is not my drink. Sometimes I wish that was the case. I mean, gee-and-tee rolls off your tongue like butter and Flea bag got me onto romance – devastating! — canned G&T; IYKYK. When I found myself at Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlor one school night, I had to pick something, quickly, it’s a bit more complex than a G&T – again; not my drink – and here it is: Tropical Antidote.

Any cocktail with “hot sauce” in its notes is a cocktail worth having. Tropical Antidote, made with lemongrass-infused Widges gin, ginseng appetizer, and pineapple bush, alongside said hot sauce, goes down almost like a margarita — or another equally heavy cocktail on the tropics. And, for those who are a bit of a gin avoider like me, you really can’t taste it. —Joey Wong, Editor

Dr. Fern’s Gin ParlorBoutique B31A, First Basement, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2111 9449


The beverage: UFC Refresh Coconut Water (HK$34.50)

Nothing groundbreaking here, but if you find yourself deeply invested in our top bites this week, here’s an entry on coconut water. In fact, this could be very useful information as the Hong Kong weather forecast continues to soar to the top 20 and you feel extremely paralyzed while you are in the city. UFC Refresh Coconut Water is the very easy and very accessible find, available everywhere in local supermarkets. It’s imported direct from Thailand and although there’s no coconut shell with a tiny paper umbrella and sandy beaches in sight, the UFC one-litre carton is the thing. real pure sweet, nutty nectar, which when chilled is the next best thing to ice water. With your eyes closed, you’re on a speedboat hurtling through the sparkling waters towards Phi Phi Island. — Lorria Sahmet, editor

You understand here.

Traditional medicines

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The beverage: Organic spearmint tea (HK$40 for 16 tea bags)

A few weeks ago, I wrote three long paragraphs about Equal Exchange Organic Spearmint Tea. And guys, I think I spoke too soon. I’m not saying the tea is bad – I stand by my word that it’s minty and refreshing and all – but I’ve discovered an even better brand of spearmint tea.

Enter Traditional Medicinals Organic Spearmint Tea. At HK$40 for a box of 16 tea bags, it’s a little more expensive than the Equal Exchange version, but the minty side is turned everything the path in this one. I can confirm that the tea is as aromatic, minty and sweet as its packaging suggests. I usually brew three cups per bag to get the most bang for my buck, and even on the third cup the flavor and aroma remains.

It’s so good that I just bought eight boxes. If that’s not proof enough of my love for her, then I don’t know what is. — Charmaine Ng, Editor

Available online at iHerb.

Fat Girl Juice Bar

best sips may 30

The beverage: Large Strawberry Green Apple Juice (HK$28)

This week I took a well deserved break because my skin was not have it, darling. It’s also where Fat Girl Juice Bar popped on my radar and gave me a taste of the lean lifestyle of legends. Literally two blocks from LSA Headquarters, Fat Girl Juice Bar offers an extensive menu that addresses your specific wellness concerns, including but not limited to tired skin, dental issues, and bathroom problems.

Cue my go-to order: strawberry green apple juice. Appropriately fresh, frothy, sweet and tart – an easy-to-swallow pill for glowing skin and overall health. If you live/work somewhere nearby, these glowing dietary fiber stars are just a phone call away (or food order away). What’s stopping you? — Michelle Chan, Editor-in-Chief

Fat Girl Juice BarShop B4, G/F, Kam Koon Building, 310 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, +852 2575 7888

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