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Best Sips is a look back at some of the most incredible drinks – alcoholic or not – that we had in the past week. Those who have renewed our love for established places; caught our attention during a new opening; or freshly impressed by the creativity and skill of Hong Kong’s talented bartenders and mixologists. From drinks at charming dive bars to award-winning appetizers at five-star establishments, these are the best drinks to try in Hong Kong; drinks for which we recommend you make a special trip.

Here are the best drinks we’ve sipped and enjoyed this week:


The beverage: Soy milk drink with figs (HK $ 11)

I had the best fig – all plump and ripe and dark, dark purple – I have ever had in my life in Istanbul, Turkey. It was my trip to high school, we were on a shuttle to Cappadocia, I was listening to Red (The Forbidden Version) – and it was there. The first bite. At this point, I’ve only ever had those saccharin-sweetened dried variations, so a fresh fig was a new fruit to me. I felt like I had come across a new color.

Since then, I have been pursuing this level.

by FUKUREN Fig soy milk drink, while not the same, has been a delicious next best thing for all Istanbul figs in my future, whether near or far. It is made from Kyushu soybeans and mixed with figs from Fukuoka in Japan prefecture (which to my knowledge have a very high sugar content) and has this sweet fig (see: no too much sweet) flavor profile that makes each 200ml can a quick sip. Previously I could only find it in the ifc city super EKI, but have also since found it nicely installed in the brand new Admiralty city super EKI. Get it for your ride; you’ll finish it before you reach the door, guaranteed. – Joey Wong, Editor-in-Chief


great city, various locations including Shop 1041-1049, 1 / F, ifc Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2736 3866

Outback Steakhouse

The beverage: Sparkling strawberry lemonade (HK $ 52)

The LSA Editorial Board hasn’t had a quality drinking evening in a while as we gear up for the MMM Awards (coming up this Monday!). Between making our final judgment, arguing about it, then going back to taste, sample, and judge again – much to the dismay of our award-giving designers, sorry, guys – there was little time for anything else. But when the urge for Outback Steakhouse (go ahead, fight me) strikes, it hits hard. Yes, the ribs are still clicking. Devastating then! But so is it, an alcohol-free sparkling strawberry lemonade, combining mashed strawberries, lemonade and a touch of Sprite. Honestly, a little vodka in there probably wouldn’t hurt. But we are working hard. For you. So it was for me, as much as for you. Together. We. Always. the hinterland. – Nathan Erickson, editor

Outback Steakhouse, 1 / F From Fenwick, 8-12 Fenwick Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 3101 0418

Schooner bar

The beverage: Expresso Martini

Probably the best part of my Best Sip this week is that I enjoyed it in the ocean in the middle of nowhere cruising the high seas. Peace and blissful tranquility. Otherwise, this Espresso Martini is nothing to write home about. It’s just an Espresso Martini that I ate on a Tuesday after dinner in an armchair on deck 4! It even arrives in a regular martini glass, nothing special. There were more interesting drinks, I admit; a menu concocted by robotic bartenders at the Bionic Bar. But I didn’t think about taking pictures because I’m on vacation! Anyway, I will however extend the extra points to the bartender who garnished my espresso martini with three coffee beans on top – perfectly ready for a photo to be displayed here.. – Lorria Sahmet, editor

Schooner Bar, Deck 4, Spectrum of the Seas, International Waters

APT. Coffee

The beverage: Chai Latte (HK $ 48)

It’s finally chilly enough that hot drinks are my favorite order during brunch. Yes, sometimes it can be a Hot Toddy or a mulled wine, but that day it was a spicy, healthy and warm chai latte – especially excellent when paired with toast. with several ingredients. My motto for this weekend is #HealthIsWealth, all of you. Don’t tempt me with alcohol! My resolution is low and I will be sway. But for now, let me sip my cellar in peace. Namaste. – Sandra Kwong, features editor

APT. Coffee, A & B, G / F 2, 12 Moon Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong, +852 3619 4393

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