38 Winter Trader Joe products to spark your 2021 vacation


Come together: It’s TJ’s best season of the year.

The best thing about the changing seasons is the fact that Trader Joe’s continues to unveil a whole assortment of new and exciting items. Here are all the new fan favorite seasonal items you can expect to find in a store near you this winter.


Mix of focaccia bread with sea salt and herbs

Hannah loewentheil

Baking bread just got a whole lot easier with this chewy focaccia blend seasoned with salt and winter herbs.


Duo of truffle oil

Hannah loewentheil

Alert all your fanatic truffle friends. This chic duo costs just $ 9.99.


Vegan Thai green curry

Hannah loewentheil

Serve it over rice (or rice noodles) for a super cozy bowl of Thai-inspired goodness that’s just as satisfying as take-out.


Cheerful and Bright Skin Care Trio

Hannah loewentheil

Consisting of a vitamin C serum, hydrating face mask and hydrating lip balm, this affordable set has everything you need to stay glowing this winter.


Entertaining cracker duo

Hannah loewentheil

Who Said You Can’t Have It All? This box contains both cheese waffle cookies and onion flaxseed crisps.


Truffle burrata

u / CookieButterLovers / Via reddit.com

Just when you thought burrata cheese couldn’t be more forgiving, Trader Joe’s added black truffles to the mix.


Pound Plus Milk Chocolate Bar

Hannah loewentheil

Warning: a high sugar level can result during consumption.


Organic split pea soup

Hannah loewentheil

Grab a few cans of this creamy split pea soup for an easy lunch when you’re in a rush.


Chhurpi dog chewing

Hannah loewentheil

TJ’s take on Himalayan dog chews, these cheesy treats will keep your puppy busy and happy for hours.


Hair Rescue Set Shampoo & Hair Mask

Hannah loewentheil

Clarify and exfoliate, then hydrate and shine with this two-step hair care set.



Hannah loewentheil

This Indian-inspired vegetarian meal is a delicious blend of grains, vegetables and fragrant spices. Serve it with a little more basmati rice or your favorite vegetables (butternut squash, cauliflower, etc …) to make it even more filling.


Peppermint Rose Face & Body Mask

Hannah loewentheil

There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than to hydrate your skin with Christmas scents.


Salami chips


Mushroom & Truffle Flavored Pesto

Hannah loewentheil

Mushroom lovers, rejoice. This mushroom and truffle pesto is a real flavor bomb.


Coffee Caramel Almonds

Hannah loewentheil

Pro tip: Mash up some of these babies and serve them over your favorite TJ’s ice cream.


Chocolate Bundt Cake

Hannah Loewentheil / Via instagram.com

Serve one of these chocolate cakes at your next holiday gathering. No one needs to know it’s coming from the freezer aisle.


Oak-smoked salmon pieces

Hannah loewentheil

These beg to be served on hot sourdough with a schmear of cream cheese and a pinch of chives.


Spicy Pasta Sauce with Piccante Truffle

Hannah loewentheil

Is it just me, or do you suddenly crave pasta?


Gnocchi stuffed with truffle cream

Hannah loewentheil

Is anyone as excited as I am about this new gnocchi offering?


Winter blend ground coffee

Hannah loewentheil

This blend of seasonal coffee, smooth and sprinkled with spices, is worth getting up to.


Turkey, Chicken and Lamb Carvery Trio Dog Treats Recipe

Hannah loewentheil

Because your dog deserves the best.


Crusted Beef Bites

Hannah loewentheil

These beef and mushroom puff pastry bites are begging to be served on your Holiday Happy Hour.


It’s sedimentary my dear cookie

Hannah loewentheil

This adorably wrapped cookie mix makes a great stocking stuffer.


Kalamata Olives with Jalapeños and Peri Peri Peppers

Hannah loewentheil

Kalamata olives get a boost with jalapeños and peri peri peppers. Add them to your Greek salad to spice things up.


Black Truffle Alfredo Pasta Sauce


pesto Rosso

Hannah loewentheil

This Sicilian-inspired pesto sauce is made with tomato, cheese and hazelnuts, and it’s the perfect addition to your pizza, pasta, bruschetta and more.


Head of Maine rosettes

Hannah loewentheil

These cloud-like semi-firm cheese bites will be your new favorite deli board addition.


Disguised mango

Hannah loewentheil

Sweet dried mango coated with bitter dark chocolate? Sign me up.


Hot cocoa ornaments

Hannah loewentheil

Dip these chocolate-filled “ornaments” into a mug of piping hot milk and wait for the perfect cup of hot chocolate.


Truffle Dip

Hannah loewentheil

How much truffle is too much truffle? According to Trader Joe’s, the limit does not exist.


Stepping It Up Spicy Snack Bar Mix

Hannah loewentheil

I have personally waited all year for TJ’s Holiday Snack Mixes to return. This mix of sweet jalapeño pretzel chunks, savory sesame chips, spicy cheesy corn sticks and chili almonds is simply irresistible.


Switch to snack bar mix

Hannah loewentheil

And of course, we can’t forget this mix of mustard and honey pretzels, honey roasted peanuts, cheddar crackers and sweet sesame sticks. It’s the perfect snack.


Gran Capitan Reserve

Hannah loewentheil

If you love semi-firm Spanish cheeses like Manchego and Iberian, this new addition to the cheese aisle is for you.


Gingerbread cake and cookie mix with pieces of crystallized ginger

Hannah loewentheil

Even novice bakers can whip up a holiday dessert that everyone will love with this festive mix.


Probably the biggest fusilli in the world

Hannah loewentheil

Grab a jar of spicy truffle sauce and get to work.


Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas

Hannah Loewentheil / Via instagram.com

Grab a box of these two-cheese chicken and veggie chicken quesadillas and you’ll never be more than minutes away from a heartwarming meal.


Jingle jangle

Hannah loewentheil

This holiday classic doesn’t need to be introduced.

Have you tried any of these new or seasonal products? Tell us your thoughts!

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