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The reviewer with the gorg mani above said their fingernails remained perfect after a long day of gardening and housework! Personally, I’m a fan of Orly too – I love pretty much all of their products I’ve tried, and their varnished bottles have a great grip. After seeing the amazing reviews for the base layer, I gave it a try too, and am blown away. The product calls itself “rubberized” which is a great way to describe the non-obnoxious way of sticking it leaves your nails ready to stick to the polish better. The major advantage is that with this my goofy self is able to paint my nails better to begin with. Due to this rubbery grip, my polish brush does not slip all over or over the edges of my super short nails. I am able to do a much cleaner, more precise job that also lasts longer. I have been on my current manicure for six days and most of the nails are still looking great, with a few chips on the others. It’s a lot longer than usual for me, so TL; DR, it’s a complete win-win and a * must * buy.

Promising results: “JUST BUY IT. This stuff is amazing. Before I used it, my nails lasted two, AT LEAST three days without chipping. Now that I use it as a base coat, my manicures last at least a week without major chipping. The edge or even the tip may wear out a bit, but it’s definitely not noticeable. I could probably keep them decent for two weeks if I added another topcoat and were a little more careful with them. At first I was skeptical about buying it as I wasn’t sure that a base coat would make a big difference in the longevity of my manicure. I thought the secret to long lasting nails mostly depended on the top coat used, but I was wrong. Doing my nails is a lot more fun now that I don’t have to worry about chipping after two days!“- Elisabeth

Get it on Amazon for $ 8.95.

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