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AUSTIN, Texas, November 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – 1st Commercial Credit, LLC is a nationwide finance company specializing in accounts receivable factoring and accounts payable financing.

Raul Esqueda, Chairman of 1st Trade Credit says, “Equipment financing has always been a great alternative financial instrument for acquiring equipment without using your bank line or your cash savings. sales growth. We cover a very wide range of credit ratings for approvals that many suppliers and dealers would appreciate.

Start-up equipment financing

1st Commercial Credit has a new financing program for businesses needing up to $ 75,000 in the financing of equipment for start-ups. For start-ups less than three months old, there is a strong demand for equipment finance among enthusiastic start-up owners. In the past, equipment leasing and finance companies have ignored business owners with less than 2 years in business. However, 1st Commercial Credit is optimistic about providing financial services to high risk clients among the small business community. More than 60% of customers who come to 1st Commercial credit for financing have less than a year since start-up and 1st Trade credit has helped them grow through accounts receivable and payable financing programs.

Vendor and Reseller Setup

1st The main objective of Crédit Commercial is to set up suppliers through United States with our funding programs. We will also provide clients looking to finance on-road and professional trucks, manufacturing and handling equipment, construction equipment and other quality assets that retain value. In order to keep our rates low for clients, we are not accepting brokers in the equipment rental program at this time.

For more information on setting up equipment finance programs:

  1. For Dealers or Equipment Vendors – Access Supplier Setup
  2. For clients – Go to Prequalify my business

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