10 Products NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal Endorsed

The man, the myth, the legend, Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most popular athletes in world history. Most NBA fans love the guy, and for many it’s hard not to. With all the fame it has gained over the years, it has also caught the eye of a huge number of famous brands.

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No one should underestimate the commercial power (or rating power) of Shaq when it comes to endorsing huge products. He has endorsed products from companies that most people use or experience at least once a day in their lives. That said, there are also a lot of surprising products that Shaq has endorsed, which leads to a lot of hilarity.

ten Burger King

That’s right, Shaq endorsed fast food mega-power, Burger King at one point. Many have said that Shaq actually became Burger King’s go-to athlete because Kobe Bryant became a major McDonald’s endorser.

Big fans of Shaq and Burger King will no doubt remember his famous Shaq Pack commercials which have seemingly been shown all over the place. No one can guess how much Shaq’s endorsement helped the brand, but it was hard for them to go wrong with the big man on their side.

9 Wheaties

Every breakfast cereal fan probably remembers the Wheaties “Breakfast of Champions,” and the fact that at one point Shaq featured heavily on the front of the box. It wouldn’t be shocking to learn that a lot of people ended up buying the cereal just because of Shaq.

Some say cereal is relatively bland, but for some, it’s just the thing to start the day. Having someone as exciting as Shaq endorsing the product probably made classic cereal that much more exciting for a lot of people.


8 Pepsi

Shaq mega-fans will probably remember the early 90s when he endorsed Pepsi. This resulted in one of the most hilarious products ever produced, the Shaq Attaq Pepsi. To this day, Shaq’s biggest fans try to get their hands on the product every time it pops up online.

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Buying a simple six-pack of 90s sodas will cost people hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. The endorsement may not have helped the specific promotion much, but it’s clearly a moment in history that many remember fondly.

seven Shaq Fu

Anyone lucky enough to have a video game made about them would likely be the first person to endorse that same product, and Shaq and his video game Shaq Fu were no different.

Even today, Shaq still makes appearances here and there to chat and play the now infamous title with people everywhere. It’s not a beloved game, but it’s one that everyone remembers how weird it was in the end. Anyone who has played the title knows exactly why it has an infamous reputation.

6 Taco Bell

If there’s one thing Shaq does well, it’s endorsing products he really loves. One of his most memorable endorsements during his heyday was for the massive taco-based fast food company, Taco Bell.

Anyone who remembers Shaq’s famous commercial is probably already licking their lips at the thought of a famous Double Decker, a product that Shaq made much tastier than it often was. The endorsement is one that probably helped Taco Bell a lot, as other celebrities were also involved.

5 NBA 2K

It should come as no surprise that Shaq often endorses the NBA 2K brand of video games. It has been featured extensively in various games in the annual series and as a result has been a marketing touch for the games.

Whenever there is mention of legendary characters in connection with NBA 2K games, Shaq is often one of the first men one will see advertised. He was even on the cover of the Legends edition of the game’s 2018 episode. Of course, that cover came with a big commercial from the man himself.

4 Mr Big

An oft-forgotten candy bar most likely remembered specifically because of Shaq is Mr. Big. There was a lot of memorable marketing that went along with Shaq’s rave endorsement of the chocolate snack.

Shaq’s face was plastered on nearly every candy bar wrapper one could find, and there was a memorable inflatable marketing piece that featured a huge Shaq holding a large Mr. Big bar. The bar itself is another collectible that costs obscene amounts of money online today.

3 Freezing hot

One endorsement people probably haven’t forgotten is that Shaq is working with Icy Hot. The reason most people haven’t forgotten about it is that, although he approved of it a few decades ago, it’s something he still seems to approve of quite regularly.

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It makes sense, many athletes continue to struggle with pain from old injuries, and just the general wear and tear on their bodies from years of high impact play, so a continued endorsement of Icy Hot is something which is probably beneficial for both the parties involved.

2 Nintendo DS Tomodachi Life

Anyone can guess why an early 2010s Nintendo game aimed at kids heavily featured Shaquille O’Neal as part of the marketing, but it sure did. Shaq featured largely as an animated character for the DS game Tomodachi Life.

It’s an endorsement that’s funnier than anything else because Shaq probably never really dug into the game itself. The commercials are quite fun, and the biggest fans of Shaq will probably enjoy their sports idol’s goofy animation.

1 Oreos

People who love Oreos probably fondly remember when Shaq was one of the big faces of the brand. Rather than endorsing the average cookie, Shaq endorsed and helped market Triple Double Oreos.

Oreos are what any basketball fan would guess, two sections of cream with three wafers, making one monstrous Oreo. The cookies might have been loaded with calories, but that didn’t stop them from getting a lot of help from Shaq, someone who probably loved decadent cookies.

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