10 best tech products of 2021

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  • The best consumer tech products of 2021 aren’t groundbreaking compared to their previous models.
  • But their performance and functionality has been greatly boosted, keeping them on top.
  • Based on our research and testing, these are our favorite tech products of 2021.

Consumer electronics are going through periods of revolution and evolution. Some years you get new products that disrupt the status quo – what the iPhone did to cellphones or the Roomba to vacuum cleaners, for example. The other years, it is a question of refining what already exists. For 2021, that was the last: No product has really taken the Bastille by storm, but they’ve been improved so much that they’re still the best tech products.

The Nintendo Switch OLED has a terrific display, but its specs and functionality are similar to the previous Switch. The same goes for the 10-inch iPad or the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. But most of the changes were more than superficial: These upgrades made them better products than their predecessors and helped improve the experience, whether listening to music, playing music. playing games, working from home or staying healthy.

The “best” nickname is of course subjective, but we have determined the best technology based on our research and testing. It had to be consumer products that were available for purchase that would last for several years, and we factored in the prices. It was hard to pinpoint, but these are our favorite tech products of 2021.

Here are our picks for the best tech products of 2021

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