The judge figures in at least 23 million the embezzlement to the Canal de Isabel II of Madrid

Judge Eloy Velasco believes that the embezzlement to the public coffers by the detainees for the case of Canal de Isabel II would amount to about 25 million dollars (23.3 million euros at the current exchange rate), only in the operation that It involved the purchase of the Brazilian Emissao.

The judge raises that number in the order issued last night, which ordered the entry into prison eludible with bail of 4 million euros for the former financial director of Canal de Isabel II, Maria Fernanda Richmond, and 100,000 euros for the former manager of the Canal , Adrián Martín, detained in the Lezo operation together with former Madrid president Ignacio González.

In the car, it is stated that both would be involved in the diversion of this money to tax havens to enrich “unfairly” “certain people.” The magistrate maintains that in 2013 the Brazilian company Emissao was bought, “fictitiously overvalued”, an acquisition that was made without any control for the “deviation of public money from Madrid” to “third-country bank accounts with opacity”.

Barcelona offers the Agbar tower as the headquarters of the European Medicines Agency

The Agbar tower (now called the Glòries tower after formalizing the sale to the Merlin Properties Socimi group) is the building that the Barcelona City Council, the Generalitat and the State will offer as the headquarters of the European Medicines Agency.

This has been decided by the three administrations, represented by the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, the Minister of Health, Toni Comín, and the Minister of Health, Dolors Montserrat, at a meeting held this Friday to give a new impetus to the Barcelona bid . The president of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, will defend the proposal before the European Council, most likely at the meeting of the heads of government in June, although the decision could be postponed for a few more months.

Many member states have the same aspiration as Spain (Brussels sources speak of 16 countries), although according to the latest information the main rivals of Barcelona in this dispute would be Amsterdam, Vienna, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Surveillance by surprise of 3% prosecutors puts the case against the ropes

The chief anti-corruption prosecutor, Manuel Moix, has relieved, by order of the State’s Attorney General, José Manuel Maza, the prosecutors investigating the case of the 3% commissions that allegedly charged CDC of businessmen and that currently a judge of El Vendrell (Tarragona).

The illegal financing of CDC was being investigated by the Civil Guard and, after knowing the fulminating relay, sources in the current of the investigations have assured this newspaper that the cessation of the prosecutors of Anticorruption José Grinda and Fernando Bermejo was going to have unpredictable consequences .

According to tax sources, as of this moment, prosecutors from the Anticorruption delegation in Catalonia, Fernando Maldonado and Teresa Duerto will be in charge of the investigation. The same sources point out that “the substitution corresponds to the strategy of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office so that the prosecutors delegated by the Anti-Corruption assume the cases of its territory and those of the Special Prosecutor’s Office can deal with the affairs of Madrid”.

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